Refinery Accidents

Houston Refinery Accident Attorney

It is no secret that Texas – thanks to the Houston ship's channel – leads the nation in the number of refinery plants. History has shown that refinery accidents can result in multiple deaths and serious injuries. To paraphrase an old saying: Where there are chemicals, there is fire – which means Houston refineries are bound to sustain unfortunate events such as refinery plant accidents.

When there is an explosion that happens, it invariably causes fatalities or serious injuries (and let's not forget the property destruction). If you have been injured at work during one of these explosions, it is highly recommended that an attorney be retained as soon as possible. Lawyers whose backgrounds are steeped in facility mishaps care as much as police and fire fighters do about getting to the bottom of the calamity. Let a Texas lawyer lend a helping hand. You need someone on your side to make sure that the truth is uncovered on how the incident occurred.

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