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Leading causes of car accidents in Texas

Highlighting a few of the leading contributors to car accidents in Texas provides insight into the sources of these dangerous events in the state.

Experiencing a car accident can be a traumatic experience. Oftentimes, these accidents result in injuries to those involved. Furthermore, sometimes these injuries are fatal. In 2013, the last year for which data is available through the Texas Department of Transportation, over 3,000 people in Texas were killed in car accidents. In other terms, during the year there were 1.4 deaths per hundred million vehicle miles traveled. Beyond fatalities, there were over 65,000 serious injuries resulting from car accidents in the state.

Driving leaves little room for error and there are many potential hazards on public roads. For these reasons, there are many contributors to car accidents. However, some contributors are more prevalent than others in TDOT data. Specifically, failure to drive in proper lanes, driver inattention and speeding are prominent causes of car accidents in the state. Discussing these leading contributors to crashes in Texas may highlight the sources of these dangerous events.

Failure to drive in proper lanes

According to TDOT, failing to drive in the proper lane resulted in over 40,000 car accidents in Texas in 2013. From these accidents, over 500 people were killed. This category comprises multiple driving errors:

  • Disregarding turn marks at an intersection
  • Failing to drive in a single lane
  • Failing to give half of the roadway
  • Overtaking and passing with insufficient clearance
  • Passing in a no passing lane

Failing to drive in proper lanes is symptomatic of multiple factors, such as lazy, hasty and inconsiderate driving.

Driver inattention

According to TDOT, in 2013 there were nearly 100,000 car accidents in Texas that involved distracted driving, resulting in nearly 20,000 serious injuries and nearly 500 deaths. According to TDOT, distracted driving causes nearly one in five crashes in the state. Across the country, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles found that texting is the most common source of distraction for drivers.


Speeding is another leading cause of car accidents in Texas. According to data collected by the TDOT, speeding was a contributing factor to nearly 27,000 car accidents in 2013, resulting in over 700 deaths. Across the country, the United States Department of Transportation estimates that speeding is culpable for one-third of accidents. Demonstrating the danger of speeding, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has described that a speed increase from 40 to 60 miles per hour more than doubles the energy released in a collision.

Legal representation is available

Car accidents that result in injuries to victims produce damages that may be compensable. These damages may include lost wages, medical bills and emotional distress. The process of securing compensation for damages can be made easier with legal representation. For this reason, accident victims in Texas may wish to consult with a personal injury attorney.

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