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Spotting and Reporting Drunk Driving

By knowing the signs that a driver is intoxicated, people may take actions to avoid them on the road, and thus, prevent being involved in a collision.

The Texas Department of Transportation reports that drunk driving accidents caused 960 deaths across the state in 2015 alone. During that same year, many more people suffered serious injuries due to alcohol-related collisions. Drivers may help ensure their safety, and that of their passengers, by not drinking and driving themselves, but there is no way to make certain that others are doing the same. Everyone should know how to identify, avoid and report drunk driving.

Signs that a driver is intoxicated

Consuming alcoholic beverages may have a range of effects on motorists. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, these include reduced visual function, decreased coordination and difficulty concentrating, among others. As a result of these effects, people may drive erratically.

Perhaps the most important step in avoiding collisions involving drunk drivers is to know the signs of intoxication. Some of the most common sings that a motorist might be under the influence include the following:

  • Zig-zagging, weaving or swerving across the road
  • Quickly accelerating or stopping
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road
  • Hitting or almost hitting curbs, vehicles or other objects
  • Making illegal or abrupt turns
  • Driving 10 mph or more under the speed limit

By knowing what to look out for, people may be able to take actions in order to get away from the potentially intoxicated drivers.

Avoiding potential drunk drivers on the road

Unfortunately, spotting drunk drivers is not enough to prevent getting into an accident with them. If people see motorists who appears to be intoxicated, they should not try to follow or confront them. Rather, they should notify the authorities so they can investigate further. If law enforcement officers also observe signs of intoxication, they can get the driver off of the road, which may keep them from causing serious auto accidents.

Additionally, drivers should take care to stay away from other motorists who they believe may be under the influence. To this end, they should stay back, change lanes and allow the other driver to pass them. When they spot a potentially drunk driver on the road, people may also consider taking an alternative route to their destinations.

Obtaining legal counsel

When people are involved in drunk driving accidents in Texas, they may suffer serious injuries for which they need medical treatment. This may cause them to lose income while they are off of work recovering and to incur undue medical expenses. It may benefit those who have suffered such injuries to work with an attorney. A legal representative may explain their rights and help them pursue financial compensation.

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