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Steps to take after being involved in a car accident in Texas

There are certain steps drivers should take following a car accident to protect their best legal and financial interests.

Many people are injured or killed on the roads in Texas every day when they are involved in a motor vehicle collision. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, in 2014 alone, 3,193 fatal car accidents occurred in Texas. Since motor vehicle collisions are so common, drivers should know what steps to take in the event that they are involved in one.

Seek necessary medical attention

Immediately following a car accident, Allstate states that drivers should assess whether or not they have been injured. Drivers who are not too hurt to move should then check other passengers for injuries and call 911 if emergency medical care is needed. After this has been done, drivers should safely pull their car to the side of the road if they are able to. If drivers are unable to move their car to another location, they should leave their car and go to a safe nearby area.

Notify the authorities

Regardless of whether the car accident was a major collision or a minor fender-bender, drivers should contact the police after the collision occurs. At this point, drivers may also want to contact their insurance company. By doing this, drivers can receive helpful information regarding what they will need to do in order for an insurance claim to be filed.

Document what occurred

Once the police have been notified of the accident, drivers should take pictures of the damage done to their vehicle and the other vehicle involved. If possible, drivers should write down the addresses and the names of anyone who was involved, including any passengers. It is also a good idea to collect the contact information and names of anyone who might have witnessed what occurred.

Exchange information

Although having the information of any witnesses and those who were involved in the accident is extremely important, drivers should make sure they have the insurance information and contact information of the other driver in the crash. This information should include the other driver’s insurance company and policy number, his or her license plate number and driver’s license number and the type of vehicle he or she drives.

Reach out to an attorney

Once drivers in Texas have sought proper medical care, notified the authorities and collected all necessary information following a car accident, they may worry about how they will make a full recovery physically and financially. When this occurs, drivers should contact an attorney in their area to determine what they can do to protect their legal rights in the aftermath of the collision.

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