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Are you at risk on the highway on Black Wednesday?

If your Thanksgiving plans involve travel, you may be at risk of a traffic accident on Black Wednesday. That's the nickname given to Thanksgiving Eve when there are higher than average numbers of impaired motorists on the roads.

It's usually a surprise when people learn that this day is considered to be the biggest drinking night of the year. It has such a reputation due to the sheer volume of binge drinking that takes place.

Watch out for drunken drivers when holiday shopping

Many people rightly assume that most drunk driving accidents occur in the late night or early morning hours. After all, that's the time that the bars close and spill out all their inebriated patrons who then must weave their way home.

But around the holidays, that rubric does not necessarily apply. People tend to drink more now, and often earlier in the day. Consider the typical office party, where liquor may start flowing during the daylight hours and workers wind up tipsy for their evening drive back home. That can prove to be a deadly hazard for the sober drivers on the road.

Was your accident a result of inattention blindness?

There are many things that can occupy a driver's attention besides cellphone usage. Yet it remains a fact that motorists who engage with their phones behind the wheel continue to put others' lives at risk.

Recently, four separate accidents killed kids awaiting their school buses around the nation. It's obvious there is a problem. Let's examine the causes.

Pedestrians, cyclists imperiled in Houston

If you frequently walk or ride a bicycle on the streets of Houston, you literally may be taking your life in your hands when you venture out.

Since 2002, Houston motorists have mortally wounded almost 2,000 individuals on foot or two wheels. That's over 100 deaths per year — and the number has increased recently to over 150 annual fatalities. That doesn't even count the average of 350 serious injuries.

Here's what to do if you're hit by a car

When a car accident isn't your fault, it is important that you take steps to protect yourself and your interests. You may think the case is pretty simple, but depending on the other party's actions, it could be more complicated than you think.

Immediately after a crash that is not your fault, you need to to stay calm, even if you're furious at the other driver. Check others who may be in your vehicle and make sure they're okay. If they need assistance, don't move them unless it's necessary for their safety. Call 911 and provide whatever care is possible until help arrives.

Stay safe when driving on Halloween

Halloween is typically a dangerous night for driving here in Houston. Not only are trick-or-treating youngsters darting out from between parked cars and jaywalking, but there are also more than the usual number of drunk drivers.

Halloween is, after all, a time for adults to dress in costumes and head out to parties where alcohol flows freely. Law enforcement is aware of that and will be out in force to nab those driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Construction deaths continue to rise

Houston workers should take heart in the realization that overall, workplace deaths are steadily decreasing. Just 40 years ago, there were 14,000 American workers killed at work. As of January 2017, that number had declined to approximately 5,000.

The implementation of more safety regulations has undoubtedly lowered the death rate for workers in many dangerous industries. However, one high-risk industry has not seen a decline in on-the-job fatalities — the construction industry.

How safe is your teen on homecoming night?

Autumn is in the air in Houston. The mornings are crisper and cooler and the evenings longer. There's the scent of wood smoke from bonfires and the sounds of football games echoing off high school stadium walls.

To parents of teenagers, that means homecoming time is here. While you want your teen to enjoy this high school rite of passage, you also want to keep them safe. Here's what you need to know:

Wrongful death lawsuits help hold distracted drivers accountable

Most people driving on Texas roads these days understand that distraction is incredibly dangerous, especially if it involves a mobile phone. Texting, emailing and even capturing photos or video while driving can drastically increase the potential for a collision.

Unfortunately, much like with drunk driving, people seem to think they can do safely what other people cannot. Although the average driver understands that texting and driving is dangerous, they probably think they won't cause a crash. Successfully arriving at a destination after texting only helps to reaffirm the inaccurate belief that a driver can safely text at the wheel.

How to tell if someone is too tired to drive

Many drowsy driving accidents happen because people just do not realize they are so tired that they should no longer be behind the wheel. They hesitate to pull over, thinking they can just fight through it, and then they nod off and cause a catastrophic accident. All it takes is a second or two for a crash to occur.

So, how can people know that they are too tired to go on driving? A few common signs to watch out for include:

  • The person blinks frequently, as if having trouble keeping their eyes open.
  • The person cannot focus properly on the road.
  • The person keeps daydreaming, thinking about anything but driving. Their mind wanders.
  • The person physically touches or rubs their eyes.
  • The person yawns repeatedly.
  • The person drives entire stretches of the road and then can't remember them.
  • The person makes simple mistakes, like missing an exit or running a stop sign.
  • The person drifts around in the lane; this often happens right before he or she falls asleep.
  • The person cannot keep their head up and their eyes on the road.
  • The person feels irritable and restless because they are so tired. Their mood changes.
  • The person is not able to concentrate on the things being said to them, and/or they stop talking to passengers.
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