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Don't let a drunk driver ruin your Mardi Gras celebration

It's that time of year again! The Mardi Gras parades are rolling again in South Texas as excitement builds up to the crescendo on Fat Tuesday.

This year marks the 108th Carnival celebration in Galveston, which is taking place this year from Feb. 22 to March 5. During that 12-day period, it's expected that there will be anywhere from 350,000 to 400,00 people on the island clamoring for beads tossed from riders aboard floats.

The human cost of distracted driving is far too high

Nobody intends to drive distracted and kill or maim an innocent person. In fact, most people would be horrified if you suggested that their actions could lead to those results.

Yet that is exactly how many incidents of distracted driving end up - with the squeal of tires on asphalt and the grinding sound of metal on metal as two cars collide.

Texas jury awards passenger $37 million

A Dallas jury awarded over $37 million to a passenger`who was rendered a quadriplegic when the driver of the Uber she was riding in blew through a red light and was struck by a driver in a pickup.

Defendants in the suit included Uber, the Uber driver, the driver of the pickup truck and the automaker Honda. The woman alleged that the poor design of the van's seatbelts contributed to her disabling injuries.

How accurate are pocket Breathalyzers?

Technology is a wonderful thing and there is no doubt that the inventions in recent years have changed people's lives for the better (in most cases). But an over-reliance on the accuracy of some technical products can provide a "false sense of security" if you are using a meter to test your breath for its blood alcohol content (BAC).

It's now possible to purchase personal breathalyzers that claim to read a person's BAC level and warn them when they are too intoxicated to drive.

There is no safe way to text while in control of a moving vehicle

If you were to claim that most people already know that driving while distracted is incredibly dangerous, you'll be right. Polls and surveys make it clear that the average driver is well aware of the risks associated with distracted driving.

Unfortunately, despite knowing the potential risks, many people seem to think they, alone, have the ability to safely text while driving. In other words, while people believe that texting at the wheel is a bad decision, that judgment only applies when other people engage in the activity.

Were you involved in a vehicle rollover accident?

With the exception of high-speed, head-on collisions, there are few crashes that are as dangerous as rollover accidents. Whereas most other wrecks involve another vehicle, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the deaths attributable to more than 90 percent of fatal rollover crashes involved single vehicles on a straightaway or in a curve.

These complex crash incidents can be quite violent, which is one reason why there is a higher rate of fatal injuries to the vehicle occupants in a rollover crash. Collision data from fatal accidents determined that these kinds of wrecks account for almost 35 percent of all highway fatalities involving passenger vehicles. In fact, in a single year in the United States in the last decade, there were over 7,600 fatalities from rollovers.

Grand jury indicts man in fatal Houston wreck

A 48-year-old Houston resident now faces three separate felony charges for his role in a fatal New Year's Day collision after a Harris County grand jury handed down an indictment last month.

He stands accused of waving a semi-automatic pistol at egg-throwing teens riding in a GMC Acadia driven by a 14-year-old. The teens, allegedly frightened by the sight of the gun, blew through a red-light and into the path of a woman driving a Ford F-150 pickup who had been out shopping. She died at the accident scene.

When can you seek exemplary damages in a wrongful death case?

Surviving family members and dependents have the right in the state of Texas to hold someone accountable when they caused a death. Wrongful death laws ensure that when the death is a result of an accident or a mistake, surviving family members can file a lawsuit to recover their losses. Many families find the process of pursuing wrongful death claims a form of closure after a tragic loss.

In fact, civil lawsuits often serve as a stand-in for criminal justice in scenarios where there is not sufficient evidence of a crime leading up to the fatality. In order to minimize the impact of your loss on your life and maximize the consequences for the person responsible, you will likely want to seek as much compensation as Texas allows you under the law.

Distracted driving remains a major problem for Houston motorists

If you regularly drive on the streets of Houston, you probably see drivers every day who are focusing more on their cellphones or other electronic devices than they are on the highway in front of them. The danger is real, as evidenced by an analysis of Texas crash reports by the Houston Chronicle.

In its survey of the nine counties comprising the Houston Metro area, researchers found a major uptick in the number of collisions with injuries and fatalities where distraction was a likely factor. In 2011, they identified 5,796 crashes. By 2016, that number had climbed to 8,211.

Houston man killed in secondary wreck

Too often, a cautionary tale becomes a sad reality. Tragically, this appears to have happened. Last week's post addressed the hazard of disabled cars on the highway. By early Sunday morning, a Houston father of two lost his life in just that scenario.

Media outlet KTRK reported the man died in the accident that occurred around 2 a.m. Sunday on the 610 near Beechnut Street. According to police, a man and a woman were inside of a car that was disabled in the traffic lane. Another vehicle couldn't stop in time and slammed into the stopped car.

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