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Texas drivers have hotline to call in nonemergencies

An auto breakdown can occur at any time on Texas roads. Stranded motorists typically can get assistance fairly quickly when their vehicles fail in and around the Houston metro area, but on some long stretches of Texas highways, signs of civilization are miles apart.

That's why it's a good idea for Texas residents to remember that they have a number to call that is imprinted on the back of their driver's licenses if they need nonemergency assistance.

How dangerous is driving into the sun's glaring rays?

Almost anyone will agree that it is easier to drive on a sunny day than on one that is rainy or storm-filled. Fewer will consider the inherent danger that sunlight poses when motorists drive into the sunrise or sunset.

Wearing sunglasses and using the car's visor to block the worst of the sun's glare when it rises above and drops below the horizon mitigate the problem somewhat. However, drivers who wear prescription glasses may not have a corresponding pair of prescription sunglasses they can use, and the sun visor doesn't deflect all of the glare for motorists.

Some of the most-traveled commercial truck routes cross Texas

Just because Texas sits on the southern border of the United States doesn't mean that it sees limited interstate commercial travel. In many ways, Texas is actually a transportation hub for the rest of the country.

There are routes that travel both east and west out of Texas that help connect both coasts with the flyover states in the middle. Highways running through Texas also connect the north and south sections of the country, as well as the United States with Mexico. These trucks carry everything from raw materials and produce to finished products ready for sale, from manufacturers or importers to retailers and factories.

Were you injured by a drunk driver on New Year's Eve?

If your New Year's Eve celebration was marred by an accident caused by a drunk driver, you could have a long road to recovery ahead of you. The timing of this holiday, coming on the heels of the weekend, may have given some Houston residents too many opportunities to tie one on over the long weekend celebration ringing in the new year.

Drunk driving is a real problem here in southeast Texas. There were 1,024 traffic deaths in Texas in 2017 involving drunk drivers. Houston was named the deadliest city in the entire state by AAA Texas based on these numbers alone.

Trace Protocol may help bring criminal charges and civil justice

Houston appears to be ground zero for a new initiative known as the Trace Protocol which began earlier this month. Spearheaded by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC), according to its chief law enforcement officer, it provides local law enforcement agencies with extra investigative tools when officers believe alcohol was a factor in a serious collision.

Police officers can now request assistance from a special task force comprised of members of the Texas Sheriff's Association, officers with the Texas Department of Public Safety and TABC agents. Their joint goal is to determine the source of the alcohol sold to the driver(s) involved in major accidents and whether the sales were legal or if any improprieties occurred. Those might include bartenders who overserved drunk patrons and those who sold alcohol to underage drinkers.

Safety tips for semitruck drivers

If you have ever had a near-miss with a semitruck, you can be forgiven for muttering obscenities under your breath while struggling to reclaim your position in your lane. It seems that we have come a long way from the days when truckers were considered to be highway knights as they were in past decades.

But truckers, like all motorists, can do much to make the roads safer. It's a win-win situation for everyone when truckers demonstrate safe driving habits, as a semitruck accident not only snarls traffic and claims lives but leaves truckers with black marks on their DOT records.

Criminal charges arise from double fatality DUI wreck

After an underage Harris County man was served a dozen drinks at an unlicensed South Houston bar, the drunken patron got behind the wheel of his car and killed a baby and a young mother. Now, four bartenders and their manager have been arrested in the case.

The bartenders of the establishment in the 12000 block of Houston Boulevard face charges of making alcoholic beverages available to a minor. The manager was arrested on a charge of possessing an unauthorized beverage-retailer. All are Class A misdemeanor liquor violations.

Parking lots pose dangers for pedestrians, drivers

As far as driving dangers go, parking lots probably rank near the bottom when it comes to hazardous areas where auto accidents can occur. But in reality, a public parking lot can be quite dangerous for both motorists and pedestrians.

As reported by the National Safety Council (NSC), "[t]ens of thousands" of collisions happen each year in parking garages and lots in the United States. Even though these are primarily low-speed crashes, thousands suffer injuries and hundreds die.

Big rig safety tips for bad weather

Winter is not even here yet, and already Texas drivers have faced several winter storm hazards. But perhaps the greatest challenges are for semitruck drivers who have to navigate their big rigs through snow and ice.

Truck drivers who get in accidents imperil other drivers and their passengers due to the massive weight and size of the trucks in comparison to the much smaller passenger vehicles. Below are some suggestions to reduce accidents that cause injuries and deaths.

3 reasons why driving during the holidays is more dangerous

While the holiday season is often a time to be joyful and celebrate with family and friends, it is also a more dangerous time of the year for anyone in a car. The weather itself is often a contributing factor to the increased danger. Roads that are covered in ice or simply wet from the rain can lead to tragic accidents in the Bellaire area.

In addition to bad weather, other drivers also make the roads more hazardous. Here are three reasons why traffic accidents increase around the holiday season.

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