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A very brief history of the U.S speed limit for cars

We recently wrote that Texas has among the highest speed limits in the nation. In light of just how much open road there is, many believe these higher speeds to be justifiable – if not entirely safe. Of course, speed limits and the freedoms we allow to cars have long been controversial topics.

As it happens, today marks a historic anniversary of driving in the United States. On May 21, 1901, the first speed limit for cars was passed by a state legislature. The state was Connecticut, and the law capped travel at no more than 12 mph (within city limits) and 15 mph out on the open road.

Rising car accident deaths could put you at risk

While the Great Recession was a devastating period of economic downturn, there was one ray of hope -- traffic fatalities decreased. Driving behavior was different during that time. With so much financial security, many Texas drivers cut back on road trips and other unnecessary driving. Sadly, car accident deaths are on the rise again.

In 2018, 4.5 million people suffered serious injuries in car crashes. That same year, car wrecks killed approximately 40,000 people. According to experts, the problem is not getting much better.

Technology working to decrease distracted driving

Distracted driving causes a significant number of car accidents every year and every day. When many people think of distracted driving, their minds jump to technology. Cell phones, navigation systems and other tech can be extremely distracting to drivers and this ultimately leads to car accidents.

While it is true that cell phone use contributes to distracted driving, many automobile and tech companies are working to create technology that will actually decrease distracted driving.

Gathering information is important after a truck accident

If you suffered serious injuries as the result of a tractor-trailer accident, you undoubtedly worried about your future and well-being. After receiving medical attention and learning just how serious your injuries were, your mind may have filled with worries about your recovery and how you will handle the financial issues and other difficulties that would likely come about.

You may have already known that seeking compensation for damages resulting from a truck accident is an option. As a result, you are now considering filing a personal injury claim in hopes of pursuing much-needed recompense for the hardships caused by the accident.

Texas lawmakers seek solutions to lower traffic death rate

Texas has more miles of road than any other state, and our speed limits (in certain areas) are among the highest in the U.S. We love to drive in Texas, and we seemingly want to drive with as few limits as possible.

But this attitude has come at a steep cost. Our state leads the nation in traffic deaths. According to a recent news article, there has been at least one death on Texas roads every single day since Nov. 7, 2000. That’s not a record to be proud of, and it calls for decisive action.

Parents can encourage kids to practice safe bicycling habits

As summer approaches your kids may be spending more and more time outside. For many kids, bicycling is a common outdoor pastime. However, bicycling presents several potential hazards to children, especially when they are bicycling near motor vehicle traffic.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), children and adolescents make up one-third of bicycle injuries treated in emergency rooms in the United States, and many of those injuries were caused by collisions with motor vehicles. However, by teaching and enforcing safe biking habits you can reduce your child’s risk of being hit by a car while biking.

Are pickup up trucks falling behind on safety?

Many things can impact how safe people are when they are traveling out on the roads. This includes what type of vehicle they are in. Not all automobiles are equal when it comes to safety. Recent Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ratings raise questions about how one popular class of vehicles is doing on this front: Pickup trucks.

The ratings point to the 2019 class of pickup trucks possibly falling short on safety in comparison to sedans and SUVs. Of the 11 midsize and full-size crew-cab pickups from the 2019 model year that were tested as part of the ratings, only one was named a Top Safety Pick. Meanwhile, this designation was given to seven midsize sedans and eight midsize SUVs.

Texas distracted drivers caused more than 95,600 wrecks last year

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Do you know anyone who regularly uses their phone while behind the wheel or otherwise allows themselves to get distracted? Are you ever tempted to answer a text while driving?

We all know how dangerous distracted driving is. Not only do distracted drivers put themselves at risk of serious injury, everyone else around them on the road is in danger of getting caught in a terrible auto accident due to the driver’s recklessness.

Can cars save us from drunk and distracted driving?

The most anticipated innovation in automotive technology is the self-driving car. For years, researchers and automakers have been teasing the idea that our vehicles will someday drive themselves and that such travel will actually be safer than cars navigated by humans.

We’re not there yet, and many Americans remain distrustful of the idea of self-driving cars. But manufacturers are already introducing new features that partially automate the driving process, compensate for human error and even save drivers from their own poor choices. One of the companies leading this effort is Volvo. 

Common types of serious injuries after a motor vehicle accident

Serious car accidents threaten your health and sometimes your life. The damages you face often feels overwhelming during recovery. Loved ones and victims alike are often strained with the burden of financial, legal and health concerns. Thankfully, there is help and support during this time.

Successfully going through your season of recovery starts with a step at a time, despite how cliché it might sound. Many people suffer serious injuries that consequently have long-term effects on their ability to work and live as before.

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