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Keep your head up: Fight back after brain injury-causing crash

As you look at the rearview mirror, you notice that another driver is approaching your motor vehicle. Of course, you do not think much of it, as you naturally expect him to stop. The only problem is, he keeps going. The next thing you know, the other vehicle has struck your car, and your head is throbbing in pain.

Unfortunately, a car crash resulting from another driver's carelessness can easily cause you to suffer serious injuries to your brain. Fortunately, you have the right to seek compensation for these potentially life-altering injuries in Texas. Here is a look at how brain injuries occur and what your legal rights are as a car accident brain injury victim.

Car accidents: 2 dead in Texas

Two people have been killed in a tragic accident involving an 18-wheeler, according to local sources in Bryan. Texas police responded to the crash that claimed two lives and sent a third person to a local hospital. So far, charges have not been filed, but as with many car accidents of this type, the police investigation is ongoing. 

Very little information was available from the report released after the crash, but police have confirmed that it involved a four-door passenger car and an 18-wheeler truck. Around 6:30 p.m. during the evening of Nov. 4, the vehicle driven by an unknown person pulled out at the intersection of Texas 21 and OSR into the path of an oncoming truck. The vehicle was then struck by the truck with tremendous force. 

Why do most car accidents happen on Texas roads?

If you are the victim of a car accident, you understand how this type of event can irrevocably change your life. One moment you are driving down the road, and the next you may be dealing with painful injuries and damage to your personal property. You may feel unsure of what to do next or how you can pick up the pieces from this type of traumatic event.

The aftermath of these types of events can be difficult and confusing. You may not be sure what factors played a role in what happened to you or who may be to blame for your accident. Learning more about the most common causes of car accidents can help you gain an understanding of how to move forward and whether you have grounds for a legal claim.

Do you have to live with the consequences of a DUI accident?

Are you one of the many people in and around the greater Houston who has to live with the consequences of a DUI crash? Did you suffer a traumatic brain injury, paralysis or another catastrophic injury? The chances of suffering a life-changing injury at the hands of a drunk driver are higher than what most Texas motorists might think. Do you have questions about your legal options to recover financial and emotional damages?

You might wonder whether the driver's intoxication will prove negligence. Surely, the driver knew of the risk of causing injuries or death to others when he or she chose to drive while under the influence of alcohol. If a criminal court found that driver guilty of DUI before a civil suit proceeds, the guilty verdict could benefit your claim against him or her.

Wrongful death: Fatal motorcycle accident leads to arrest

Motorcyclists are enthusiastic about riding. However, they realize all too well that the trade for this feeling of freedom is an increased risk of injury or even death if they're ever in an accident. Most of them follow safety procedures, such as wearing helmets while riding, but they can't always count on other motorists to drive safely. Families who lose a loved one to a motorcycle crash may decide to file a wrongful death claim to seek full financial accountability from those believed to be responsible. That may be the choice of one Texas family after one motorcyclist died in a crash that led to an arrest.

Authorities say that the crash happened recently at an intersection of county roads. Though they haven't reported on exactly how the accident occurred, they say that as a motorcycle was entering the intersection, it was struck by a pickup truck that failed to yield the right of way. The man on the motorcycle was 43 years old and did not survive the incident.

Texas Oktoberfest events may prompt increase in drunk driving

While October weather in Texas is not as crisp and cool as it might be on the east coast or states up north, many people still enjoy going to fall festivals. Oktoberfest gatherings often feature specially crafted beers. If you like a good German stout now and then, you might consider attending an autumn festival in your area.

As in all cases when large crowds gather in public, Oktoberfest can pose a personal safety risk. For instance, you might be at risk for personal injury in the parking lot if a festival-goer has had too much to drink and gets behind the wheel of a car to drive.

Is distracted driving to blame for a rise in car crashes?

Car crashes happen for a variety of reasons, but when they happen because of something that is completely preventable, they can be particularly difficult to understand. Families who have lost loved ones due to someone else's negligence know that upsetting feeling all too well. One simple way to stop car crashes is to avoid driving while distracted. However, Texas law enforcement says that this year is on track to show an increase in the number of fatal car crashes. They believe the rise may be due to distracted driving.

Police say that in just one Texas city, 50 people died last year in car crashes. The number of fatalities this time last year was lower than the number right now, which has law enforcement concerned. They report that they've seen an increase each year in the number of fatalities.

Certain music can increase the risk of car accidents

Most people in Texas can easily identify some of the most common distracted driving habits, such as talking on the phone, texting and eating. However, many drivers completely overlook a common but serious problem behind the wheel—listening to music. Listening to music is actually linked to a higher rate of car accidents. According to recent research, certain songs are more dangerous than others.

A recent study looked at how music affects drivers’ abilities on the road. Researchers used a driving simulation of a six-lane road and had study participants drive while listening to various songs. Over the course of 70 minutes, the participants changed lanes an average of 20 times. The number of times a driver switched lanes listening to rock music. This genre was also associated with speeding approximately 5 mph over the posted speed limit.

Houston has a high rate of distracted driving

Many people realize just how dangerous it can be to drink and drive, but what about distracted driving? Though a lot of people understand the risks associated, they may still engage in the practice, not realizing that some experts believe distracted driving to be just as serious as driving while intoxicated. That's why Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center and AAA Texas decided to launch a campaign to educate the public about this potentially dangerous practice.

A representative of Memorial Hermann says that while mobile phones certainly are a source of distraction for drivers, there are other sources as well. Statistics from TxDOT reveal that a fifth of all crashes result from distracted driving. One AAA Texas representative says that he thinks the number could be even higher, since it can be difficult to get people to admit that they were driving while distracted.

Road rage is a big problem in Texas: Know the signs

As a licensed driver in Texas, you are legally obligated to adhere to all traffic and safety laws. In fact, the same goes for all other motorists with whom you share the road. The problem is that the only person's behavior you can control is your own. You have no way of knowing what another driver is thinking or planning to do. Whether you're able to swiftly and safely react if a problem arises depends on many factors. 

Road rage is problematic in this state and across the country. Analysts have many ideas regarding why there has been an increase in road rage incidents in recent years. A lot of people have anger issues; in fact, some take medication to help them deal with it. When you're traveling, you're at great risk for injury if a nearby motorist becomes enraged at the wheel.

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