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Example of a distracted-driving crash

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video that's currently circulating on Facebook and on various media sites must be a gold mine. The video clearly demonstrates the results of distracted driving.

In it, a lieutenant with the Byron Police Department in Georgia sits in his patrol car. The camera inside the cruiser is filming as an oblivious driver approaches the police unit from the rear at a high rate of speed.

Beware of understaffed nursing homes

If you have a loved one or family member living in a Houston nursing home or other type of long-term care facility, you may worry that he or she could fall victim to abuse.

It's a terrible thing to contemplate an elderly, vulnerable person being abused by those entrusted with providing his or her care. But the countless online videos of such abuses are all too real.

Factors that can exacerbate road rage

If you've ever been the recipient of another motorist's one-finger salute after making a boneheaded move in traffic, you likely realize that road rage is alive and well on Texas roads. You may have even been the offender flipping off another motorist at some point.

And while shooting the bird to a driver who cuts you off when merging may not leave any lasting damage, there is no doubt that some incidents of road rage have escalated to dangerous collisions and even murderous actions.

Beware of drunk drivers on the 4th of July

What are your plans for this year's Fourth of July celebration? If they include driving, beware of intoxicated drivers on the roads in and around Houston.

Two years ago, as the nation celebrated its birthday, 188 individuals died in collisions where one or more drivers was legally intoxicated and had blood alcohol concentrations (BAC) of at least .08.

Are you a defensive driver?

Driving is serious business, or at least it should be. Every year here in the United States, 41,000 lives are lost in traffic accidents. Another 3,236,000 injuries are suffered by motorists and those with whom they collide.

Two of the primary causes of highway fatalities are impairment — 38 percent — and excessive speed — 30 percent.

Could a gecko's tail hold clues for reversing paralysis?

Many people realize that geckos have a built-in escape model — they can detach the ends of their tails at will when in a predator's grasp so they can make good their escape. Even better, in a month's time, they are able to completely regrow their severed tails.

That's not just a cool bit of reptile trivia. Canadian researchers at the University of Guelph have studied this phenomenon. They found that geckos' tails — which include portions of the lizards' spinal columns — have rapidly proliferating stem cells that allow them to generate new spinal cords after trauma.

Why is abdominal pain dangerous after a car accident?

Car accidents often leave victims with delayed pain injuries much worse than they realize, which may worsen over time and only cause pain hours or even days later. For victims who forego seeking medical examinations after accidents, abdominal injuries pose significant dangers. Untreated internal injuries and/or bleeding can swiftly prove fatal to victims before they seek treatment.

After any car accident, it is always a good idea to get a medical exam even if you don't believe that you suffered any injuries. Thorough medical exams give doctors the opportunity to identify delayed pain injuries before they worsen, potentially saving lives. If injuries are diagnosed, the doctor's notes establish a link between the accident and any subsequent personal injury claim that gets filed. You could get the costs of your treatment covered and receive compensation for other losses from the accident by filing a claim for damages.

Rush hour safety tips for Houston drivers

Houston traffic can be brutal. This is especially true during rush hours as drivers head to work or back home to their families. Simply navigating around the metro area during peak times can add an hour or more to your commute each way.

Since you can't eliminate the traffic, it's prudent to learn how to remain safer in Houston's rush hour traffic. The following tips may help local commuters:

  • Allow plenty of time. If you're charging out the door 10 minutes behind schedule, you could be tempted to tailgate or break other traffic laws.
  • Pick a lane and stay there. Jockeying for position only to wind up stymied in a line of stopped cars is frustrating.
  • Learn alternate routes. Collisions that snarl the interstates are going to happen. Learn a couple of other routes you can take to avoid massive traffic jams.
  • Ditch the road rage. Not only is this uncivil behavior inappropriate, getting into a flip-off contest or shouting match with another Houston driver can end tragically if either driver is armed.

Houston wreck kills 1

A teenager is dead and a 27-year-old driver is in jail after a Harris County accident on Sunday, May 27 involving a Nissan Altima and a Ford Mustang.

Authorities with the Houston Police Department (HPD) reported that the Altima driver was on Westpark waiting at a red light to turn left onto Denvale. The Mustang driver was speeding down Westpark and couldn't stop in time. He slammed into the back of the Altima.

Lorena rollover wreck sends 1 to hospital

A Cedar Creek woman is lucky to be alive after crawling from the wreckage of her smashed Ford F-250 on a recent morning. Authorities continue to investigate the circumstances of the accident in the northbound lanes of I-35.

The chief of the Lorena Police Department (LPD) reports that the 56-year-old driver slammed into the back of a semitruck that was pulled over on the right shoulder of the road. The truck had its hazard lights on at the time of the rollover collision. The pickup truck flipped over after the initial impact.

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