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Coping with the sudden loss of a loved one? This might help

The day your cell phone rang, you might have suspected there was something wrong because it was an unfamiliar number, and it was the middle of the day, so all your family members were either at work or school. You remembered that one of your loved ones was, in fact, traveling that day. You had a strong feeling that you should answer the call, so you did, and that's when your life changed forever.

Perhaps it's been several weeks or longer since the day you learned your loved one had been involved in a motor vehicle collision that resulted in fatal injuries. You can likely relate to many people in Texas who have gone through similar experiences who say they felt like someone pulled the earth out from under their feet when they found out they had lost a family member in a sudden death incident. A strong support network is key to learning how to cope and move on in life.

Have distracted driving laws helped stop crashes?

Most people agree that texting or using a mobile phone while driving a car can be dangerous. Lawmakers across the country have passed laws forbidding the use of a cellphone to varying degrees while behind the wheel. Texas passed such legislation just a couple of years ago. However, experts are unsure as to how much these laws may be helping to stop distracted driving.

The law the Texas legislature passed back in 2017 forbids drivers from texting while driving unless the car is completely stopped. It does allow using a mobile phone for other purposes, namely GPS or music apps. Prior to the passage of the law, an overwhelming majority of Texans agreed that texting while driving was dangerous, with 91% opposed to the practice. The bad news is that these laws may not be making enough of an impact.

Be especially careful when you enter Texas intersections

If you drive on Texas roadways, you already know how busy and stressful traffic can be, especially if you're traveling through a large city such as Houston. There are definitely situations that increase your risk for personal injury. For instance, any time you approach an intersection, you're at risk for collision if there are other vehicles nearby. There is also increased danger if you're driving and there are pedestrians in the area.

Keeping your eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel at all times is the most basic means of exercising caution at an intersection. There are other helpful tips, however, that can make navigation of a crossroads a lot less stressful. What if you do everything you're supposed to do but another driver is negligent and hits you? That's when it pays to know where to seek support, especially if you suffer injury.

Were you involved in a collision caused by tire issues?

When you own a car, you must do, or, at least, should do, all sorts of things to keep your vehicle functioning at its greatest potential. Various factors, such as whether you purchased a car straight off the showroom floor or snagged a good deal on a pre-owned vehicle, may affect how well your car runs and how long it lasts. Certain issues can pose safety risks if you, the car owner, do not stay on top of them.

Tire maintenance is definitely one of those issues. Do you regularly check the air pressure in your tires? If you furrowed your brow when you read the previous sentence because you didn't know you were supposed to, it might be problem, but you're not the first car owner to lack tire safety knowledge. The more you know, the safer you'll be when navigating Texas roadways.

More deaths caused by Texans running red lights

It is one of the first things we learn as young children: to stop when the light is red and go when the light turns green.

And yet, the number of drivers running red lights is increasing. According to a recent AAA study, the rate of accidents and fatalities resulting from drivers who speed through red lights is higher now than it has been in the last 10 years.

Did another party's negligence claim your loved one's life?

Whenever people get behind the wheel and take to roads around Houston and anywhere else in Texas, they put their lives on the line. Not necessarily because they are no good at driving, but because others are negligent. Losing a loved one in a preventable accident can turn the lives of surviving family members upside down.

Along with dealing with the emotional trauma, coping with the unanticipated financial consequences could overwhelm you. However, the civil justice system of Texas allows the surviving family members the opportunity to recover monetary damages in a wrongful death lawsuit against the negligent party.

Summer brings more drunk drivers to Texas

You have no way of knowing whether the motorists with whom you happen to be sharing a Texas roadway are safe drivers. In fact, if you travel by motor vehicle on a frequent basis, you're likely to encounter some drivers who are downright reckless behind the wheel. During the summer, many people travel to or through Texas on vacation.

Current data shows that drunk driving collisions happen more often during holiday seasons and most people consider summer break a holiday time. From college students binge drinking on vacation to the habitual drinker and repeat offender who might be nearby at any time, your life and those of your loved ones may be greatly at risk.

The dangers of “underride” accidents involving large trucks

When looking at the sheer size and weight of an 18-wheeler, it is easy to see why in an accident, the semi-truck usually “wins.” In an accident involving these large vehicles, the truck often sustains little damage while the other vehicles involved are obliterated.

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s latest report found that, in 2017, more than 4,000 people were killed in accidents involving large trucks – with most of those fatalities being occupants of passenger vehicles. A contributing factor in the United States is the prevalence of what is known as “underride accidents,” crashes where a smaller vehicle becomes trapped underneath a semi’s trailer.

Avoid causing dangers when traveling near tractor-trailers

Sharing the road with other travelers is just a way of life. Although you may sometimes find yourself on a small road with no other cars around, you likely wind up in traffic more often than not, especially if traveling the busy highways.

As you travel to your destinations, you undoubtedly drive near tractor-trailer trucks. Like many other Texas drivers, staying in close proximity to these big rigs may leave you feeling anxious. This feeling is not unwarranted as truck drivers often have more limited visibility than individuals do in smaller vehicles, and an accident involving a tractor-trailer could easily have devastating outcomes.

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