A Texas nightclub and a driver are facing a lawsuit after a fatal accident left one man dead and four people injured. The driver, who was allegedly drunk at the time, crashed his car into the back of a horse-drawn carriage carrying a man and his wife. The nightclub allegedly sold alcohol to the driver and his passenger.

The accident caused the wrongful death of the man in the carriage. The man’s wife suffered numerous injuries and had to undergo rehabilitation. The carriage operator, another carriage passenger and the drunk driver’s passenger were all injured as well.

The lawsuit seeks $200,000 in damages from the driver. The suit states that the driver is liable for all of the injuries, as well as the death of the man in the carriage. The driver was allegedly driving while intoxicated, speeding and driving recklessly.

The lawsuit also holds the nightclub liable for selling alcohol to the driver when it was apparent that he was intoxicated to the point of endangering himself and others.

Wrongful death suits are often filed by families in Texas who have lost a loved one in an accident caused by another’s negligence. Families can acquire damages to cover the lost contributions of their loved one to the family. Pecuniary injuries must be measured to determine the damages in a wrongful death suit. These damages often cover the loss of support, services, lost prospect of inheritance and other expenses.

It is also important to note that bars and social hosts can be held liable for a guest or patron drinking too much alcohol and causing harm to another person. In Texas, whoever serves alcohol to an obviously intoxicated person who presents a clear danger to others, can be held liable for the injuries that person causes.

Source: BeaumontEnterprise.com, “Driver, bar sued in fatal Galveston carriage crash,” Robert Stanton, Aug. 21, 2012