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Surgeon will face medical board after charges filed against him

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2012 | Medical Malpractice

Texas medical professionals are often responsible for the lives of many people and are held to a standard of care that has been accepted in the medical community. If they do not adhere to this standard, they may face a medical malpractice suit and could be found negligent because of their mistakes.

An orthopedic surgeon near Texas will face his state medical board almost three years after the board filed a complaint against him. The doctor attempted to get the charges dismissed but was denied by the board. The doctor’s case will be heard by the board sometime in late February 2013 to determine if he behaved incompetently, negligently or fraudulently.

In its latest complaint, the board states that 23 patients have suffered injuries after receiving treatment from the doctor. These injuries have led to amputations, paralysis and even death. Over the past six to eight years, there have been over 40 filings against the surgeon for negligence. The doctor practices a new approach that allows for minimally invasive spinal procedures. Unfortunately, the medical community has not readily supported this technique.

His attorney believes that making the doctor wait three years before he had the opportunity to face the board was unfair and not in any way beneficial to the public. The attorney also stated that the investigator for the medical board asked the doctor’s competitors to review his treatments and find the worst possible outcomes. The board will have many different issues to sort through in February to determine whether the surgeon was following the proper standard of care.

Medical professional negligence can have a serious impact on the lives of patients and can even result in a fatal medical error. An experienced attorney can help patients and their families receive proper compensation for such negligence.

Source:, “Tulsa surgeon to face Oklahoma medical board after three years of waiting,” Jaclyn Cosgrove, Nov. 9, 2012


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