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100-car accident leaves 2 dead and at least 80 injured

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2012 | Car Accidents

Multi-vehicle accidents are often the most catastrophic for all those involved. This Thanksgiving, two people died and many more were injured in a series of car accidents on a Texas highway.

A car accident on Interstate 10 started a chain reaction of crashes southwest of Beaumont. Dense fog reported in the area is being considered a potential cause of the accidents.

The two deaths occurred when a man and a woman in the same vehicle were rear-ended by an 18-wheeler. Authorities are still not sure how many people were injured in the accidents, but they estimate between 80 and 120. Many accident victims were taken to local hospitals, while those with more serious injuries were taken to Houston.

The accident involved many types of vehicles including cars, tractor-trailers and pickup trucks, many of which were totaled and piled on top of each other. Both the westbound and eastbound lanes of the highway were closed for hours after the incident. The accident is still under investigation and causes have yet to be confirmed.

Figuring out why an accident like this occurred is often necessary to determine who can be held liable. In many cases, some form of negligent driving combined with external factors, such as weather, result in fatal accidents. For example, the fog would likely have required drivers to turn on their lights and drive at a slower rate of speed.

If the injured party is partially responsible for the injuries themselves, then any damages they receive may be reduced based on their share of responsibility for the accident. In general, Texas personal injury laws state that if someone is more than 50 percent at fault for an accident, they cannot recover damages from other parties.

Source: WPTV News, “100 car accident, Beaumont, Texas, Interstate 10 wreck, pileup update: Could the wreck been avoided?” Vivian Kuo, Nov. 26, 2012


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