Roads can be a dangerous place for both drivers and pedestrians. Texas families who have lost a loved one in a road fatality are already aware of this danger. Trucks on the roads can be particularly dangerous due to their large size and their inability to come to an immediate stop. Furthermore, truck drivers can also be more prone to truck accidents due to the pressure to make timely deliveries.

While nothing can bring people back after they are killed by a truck, their families should know t hat compensation might be available. One family was recently awarded $15 million after a tragic hit-and-run truck accident killed a mother of two.

The accident occurred in late 2010 when the woman and her mother were walking in a crosswalk. A big rig with two trailers attached hit the women. The woman — a mother of two young children — died at the hospital. The suit was filed to ensure that the two young children would be taken care of despite this tragedy. In this case, the jury determined that the driver was negligent when driving the truck and therefore was responsible for the woman’s death.

An employer may be held responsible for an employee’s negligence if the injury occurred while the employee was on the clock and if the injury was caused by an activity the employee was hired to do. The employer also must have benefited from the activity. In this case, the jury also found that the truck driver was driving the truck within the scope of his employment.

The restitution the family receives will hopefully help them recover from such a tragic accident and will provide some financial support to the children who have lost their mother.

Source: ABC 23, “Bakersfield jury awards $15M in wrongful death case,” March 28, 2013