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Trucker medical issues possibly contributed to Texas bus crash

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2013 | Truck Accidents

Police in the Central Texas town of Lorena say a dump truck driver may have suffered some sort of medical issue, contributing to a collision Monday with a school bus. A total of 17 people, all of them on the bus, ended up suffering injuries.

Most were treated and released, but authorities say the driver of the bus broke both of her legs and had to be rescued from the wreckage. At the same time, Police say the bus driver’s fast action trying to avoid the crash is probably the reason no one died. 

Officials say the driver of the dump truck didn’t appear to have suffered any injuries at all at the scene, but they say he may have sought care later. He hasn’t been identified and reports don’t indicate whether any citations have been issued as a result of the crash. There is also no information readily available about what kind of medical issue he might have suffered.

The truck-bus accident occurred along an Interstate 35 service road. It was the afternoon and the bus was taking elementary on up to high school children home. Authorities say that the two vehicles apparently were headed in opposite directions when the truck began to veer into the bus’s path. The injured included 15 children, an adult teacher’s aide and the bus driver.

The bus driver underwent surgery Monday night and is reported to be recovering at a hospital in Waco today.

Accidents such as this occur all too often on the roads around Houston. When they do, and commercial vehicles are involved, the process of obtaining the necessary and just compensation for those who suffer physical or emotional trauma can get complicated. To be sure one’s rights are fully protected and upheld, swift consultation with an attorney is always wise.

Source:, “School bus driver trapped after bus accident in Bruceville-Eddy, multiple injuries,” C.J. Gardner and Mike Iliopoulos, Sept. 16, 2013


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