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Mystery remains about why trash-filled semi overturned

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2013 | Truck Accidents

Loading a vehicle with a lot of stuff for a long haul is something that takes a certain level of attention and skill. Truck drivers know there can be risks of serious accidents if materials they’re hauling are loaded on the trailer just so and properly secured.

Sadly, necessary and required precautions aren’t always taken. The reasons for such negligence can be many. The driver may be under pressure from higher ups to get the load to its destination by a tight deadline. The driver might be reckless, tired, or distracted. In the end, if proper safety isn’t observed, truck accidents can occur. Often the results are deadly.

One recent accident in another state is the reason we’re writing about this. It happened in Pennsylvania earlier this week. Fortunately, the only person injured in the wreck was the driver of the truck, and his injuries were not believed to be life threatening. But authorities haven’t offered up an explanation of exactly what caused the accident.

What happened is this. The tractor-trailer rig was hauling a load of trash and had just gone through a toll way. As it began to accelerate back onto the turnpike, the trailer overturned. Trash spilled everywhere and the rig blocked all the lanes of traffic.

Questions that spring to mind in connection with this incident include whether due care was taken when the trailer was being loaded with all the loose trash it was taken. Did the vehicle have a proper cover over the top of the trailer to prevent debris from flying out of it, and was it properly secured?

Getting answers to such questions, especially if accidents occur and cause injury or death, can be important in holding the appropriate parties accountable.

Source:, “Pa. Turnpike reopens following trash truck crash in Bensalem,” Oct. 16, 2013 


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