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Woman suspected in fatal Houston-area crash now under arrest

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2013 | Car Accidents

A mother is dead and a 14-year-old girl is recovering from injuries suffered in a crash near a Walmart in Pasadena.

Authorities say the two-vehicle accident happened about 1 a.m. Sunday. They say the mother and daughter were victims of a shoplifting suspect who ran a red light as she was trying to make a getaway. The total of the goods she is said to have taken, including a child’s clutch purse, reportedly amounted to less than $50.

The case has left two sets of loved ones confused.

The family of the victims indicates it is still reeling from the shock. As of yesterday, the girl was reportedly still hospitalized, though the family suggested she could be released soon.

Meanwhile, the boyfriend of the 28-year-old woman suspected of the store thefts and the accident says he’s bewildered by it all. He says as far as he knows, his girlfriend has not been in any financial difficulty that might explain why she would have been stealing. He says the pickup truck she was driving belongs to him and that she took his keys while he was sleeping. He says he’s concerned that he could somehow be in trouble as a result.

That could perhaps be an issue if the family of the victims decides to pursue some sort of civil action for their loss and suffering.

In the meantime, Police say they have arrested the female suspect on suspicion of intoxicated manslaughter. Officers at the scene say they smelled alcohol on her breath, and when she was taken to the hospital for injuries she suffered, blood drawn indicated she had a blood alcohol content of more than .17 percent. That’s more than double the legal limit.

Source: KTRK-TV, “Shoplifting suspect accused of causing deadly wreck arrested,” Dec. 17, 2013


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