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Wrongful death suit likely in tragic Texas crash

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2013 | Wrongful Death

Three people are dead and several others are in the hospital following a devastating 11-car crash in Oldham County on Nov. 23, according to local law enforcement. The Texas Department of Public Safety responded to the accident, which waylaid traffic for several hours. Police are still sorting out the details of the crash, but considering the fatalities involved, there is a possibility criminal charges and/or wrongful death lawsuits may be filed in connection with the accident.

The accident was actually the culmination of three separate accidents along a stretch of highway, according to Texas police. The vehicles involved included nine tractor trailers and two passenger vehicles. Two of the three fatalities were occupants of the passenger vehicles — the third was a truck driver who exited his vehicle during the pileup and was struck by one of the two passenger vehicles.

Attempts are ongoing to identify all victims and injured parties, as well as determine what sparked the massive accident. Witness reports seem to indicate the accident started when two tractor trailers collided, but those reports are still under investigation at this time. It is believed that inclement weather conditions may have played a role in the accidents as well, as the roads were icy at the time of the crash.

Texas traffic law demands that all drivers cater their driving to the conditions at hand. This year has seen particularly bad weather in the Lone Star State, so drivers may need to be even more careful than usual. If police narrow down the accident to an initial collision, and it is discovered the driver was not exercising the appropriate level of caution for the road conditions, the family members of the deceased parties and any injured parties may be able to file wrongful death and/or personal injury suits against that driver and possibly the company for whom the driver was employed.

Source:, UPDATE: Crashes involving 11 vehicles leave 3 dead, several injured, Amanda Castro-Crist, Nov. 23, 2013


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