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Frightful Texas weather calls for greater driver caution

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2014 | Wrongful Death

Whether you agree with climate change theorists or not there is no question that weather this winter is pretty tough across the South. From Texas to the coastal states in the Southeast, there have been at least a couple of significant winter storms. The latest being underway today.

Some officials and weather experts have not been shy about using the term “catastrophic” to describe the potential repercussions of the current run. The big issue of course is ice. You might not mind a cube or two of ice in your drink, but many in Texas lack practice driving on it. The nature of things around us calls for all drivers to exercise a greater level of caution than usual. 

Such conditions may make it difficult to know when a devastating fatal crash is the result of ignorance or negligence. But that doesn’t mean that matters should be simply left up to the insurance adjusters. Someone who has been hurt or lost a loved one in a crash may face a lot of challenges recovering some semblance of normalcy. But insurance companies tend to want to clear claims quickly and for as little money as possible.

Making sure your rights after an accident are protected is something to pursue with an attorney’s help.

Evidence of the hazards the bad weather creates can be seen all around. The Texas Public Safety Department has reported that three people died and one suffered injuries today in a ice-related crash when an ambulance went off a road in the western part of the state. Yesterday, four people were reported killed in North Texas.

Let’s stay safe.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Ice storm encases parts of the South,” Kate Brumback and Christina A. Cassidy, Associated Press, Feb. 12, 2014


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