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Bus driver negligence may have caused death of Texas 1st grader

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2014 | Bus Accidents

For most young students, getting to ride the bus is like taking a step toward independence. They are given a little more responsibility and are trusted a little more to follow rules and get on the bus safely. Sadly, there are moments when accidents happen. Bus driver negligence may have recently led to the death of a young Texas student.

A recent report stated that the first grader may have been running late and was trying to catch the bus for school on the morning of the accident. The bus left the girl’s designated stop at around 6:30 a.m., and it wasn’t until later that day that the driver was informed of the accident. She had apparently hit the young girl while driving away from the bus stop and did not realize it.

The accident happened just a quarter of a mile from the school campus. The report indicated that a male family member had been with the girl when she was taken to the bus stop, and after failing to get help from passing vehicles, he took the girl back to her apartment where she sadly died from her injuries. The driver was apparently notified of the girl’s death later that day. The accident is still being investigated according to the report, but criminal charges are not expected to be filed against the driver.

Being a bus driver in Texas can be a difficult task at times, but most drivers are trained to deal with most of the situations that are likely to come up. Not ensuring that there are not any children in front of or beside the bus when leaving a stop can be considered bus driver negligence.The driver in this situation may still face a civil claim for the death of the 6-year-old. It is up to the family to decide if they will file a claim against the driver after the investigation is completed and reports are available.

Source:, “6-year-old student dies after being hit by school bus near San Antonio”, , April 15, 2014


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