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Texas SUV accident after alleged red-light running

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2014 | SUV Accidents

Being involved in an SUV accident can happen on any Texas roadway. The most crucial part in the aftermath of an accident may be becoming informed of a person’s rights surrounding the accident. Many families affected by an accident may wish to file a claim against the driver for damages and other expenses related to the crash. A multiple-vehicle SUV accident has left several people injured and the driver who allegedly caused the accident may be facing charges pending further investigation.

According to reports, a 51-year-old man was exiting a freeway in Texas just before the accident occurred. He was approaching a red light, but officials allege that he didn’t stop at it. He continued through the intersection and allegedly struck the vehicle of a 71-year-old man. He went on to hit another vehicle that belonged to a 26-year-old female.

Both of the vehicles that the 51-year-old man hit were apparently following the law and were entering the intersection with a green light, yet they were still subject to this SUV accident. One of the drivers that the man hit refused to be taken to the hospital, while the other driver had required treatment for injuries suffered as a result of this accident. Charges may be following for the driver who hit the two victims, should the investigation prove that he was at fault.

Both of the victims of this Texas SUV accident may be interested in knowing that they do have the right to seek restitution from the alleged person responsible. Seeking restitution may result in compensation for injuries suffered in addition to damages as a result of this SUV accident. This possible restitution would be very beneficial in lifting the burden that an SUV accident of this magnitude can have on them.

Source:, “Three vehicle wreck diverts traffic along Texas Ave in College Station“, , April 4, 2014


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