When a parent sends their child on a school bus, they trust that the driver has the ability to safely transport their child to the necessary destination. When a bus driver or another driver on the road operates their vehicle negligently, it can result in a collision and potentially harm children. A Texas school bus accident recently hurt seven students and two drivers.

Authorities reported that the school bus accident took place while in the midst of its early morning route. As the bus continued, a collision ensued between the bus and an unspecified vehicle. Paramedics arrived at the scene, accompanied by fire rescue and police from the surrounding area.

The injured students were transported to a local medical facility for evaluation and treatment for injuries that were described as non life threatening. The extent of the injuries suffered by the two drivers was not detailed. The children who escaped injury were transported to their school by a different bus or released into parent custody.

The news report concerning the Texas accident did not offer an explanation regarding the possible cause of the collision. Authorities began an investigation into the school bus accident immediately. Depending upon the results of the inquiry, one or both drivers could face citations and/or criminal charges regarding the crash. Regardless, the families of the injured children have the right to pursue personal injury claims against the party or parties deemed financially responsible. Any amounts recovered after establishing liability could be used to help defray medical expenses and related damages, as well as for pain and suffering related to the injuries suffered.

Source: ketknbc.com, “Police: 9 injured in Quinlan ISD school bus crash“, Michael Wesp, May 19, 2014