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SUV accident injures Texas child at park

On Behalf of | May 21, 2014 | SUV Accidents

Texas public parks are recreational hotspots filled with families and children on foot and using sports equipment. It can be necessary for drivers to exercise additional caution when operating a vehicle in areas where children may be running or playing to avoid an SUV accident. When a child is injured in an SUV accident from the negligent operation of another person, parents may feel worry and anger as treatment is rendered.

Recently a four year old Texas boy was badly hurt in an SUV accident while on foot. The little boy was hit right before sunset as a woman was backing out of a parking space at a local park. Records indicate that the child was run over by the back tire on the passenger side of the car as he was attempting to retrieve a dropped bottle.

The boy was severely injured, including extensive internal and external damage and was transported by helicopter to a medical facility equipped to address his distressed condition. The driver of the SUV was also taken to the hospital and tested for drugs after authorities apparently do not believe that alcohol was involved. Reports do not state if the driver has been cited or charged in connection with the accident.

When a young child is hit in an SUV accident, the damages inflicted can be catastrophic and create long term consequences. The medical condition of the young child has not been detailed, though the family could be facing extensive recovery time and expenses. A parent who has a child that has been hurt from the neglectful acts of another person may choose to pursue justice for the pain and suffering and other financial losses inflicted.

Source:, “UPDATE: Child hit by SUV in Century City”, Daniela Fierro, May 16, 2014


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