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SUV rollover in Texas leaves multiple injuries, 1 dead

On Behalf of | May 9, 2014 | SUV Accidents

There is no good reason for getting behind the wheel of any vehicle after a person has consumed too much alcohol. SUV rollover accidents are dangerous enough without adding intoxicated driving to the equation. One fatality, multiple injuries and one arrest occurred after a recent Texas accident that may have been alcohol related.

An investigation of the crash determined that the SUV had stopped at an intersection on the eastbound side when a man’s truck came around the corner at a high rate of speed and slammed into the back of the vehicle. The impact of the collision caused the SUV to flip onto its roof, which crushed the large vehicle almost completely. Four people were inside the SUV at the time of the impact.

Three of the four passengers were injured, and the fourth passenger died on the scene. The 27-year-old truck driver has been charged with multiple felonies, including intoxicated assault and intoxicated manslaughter. He was also charged with aggravated assault, as well as not rendering aid to the injured after an accident.

Conviction of the accused individual in a criminal court may prompt those affected by the accident to choose to file civil lawsuits in order to seek compensation for medical bills and funeral costs caused by the deadly crash. The SUV rollover accident likely caused both physical and emotional damages that may be around long after the case settles. If the individuals are each awarded monetary compensation, it may at least help with the financial hardship they may have sustained as a result of the Texas crash.

Source:, “Photos detail horrific fatal accident in Montgomery County“, Heather Alexander, April 28, 2014


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