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Houston woman could unborn child from car accident

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2014 | Car Accidents

For many Texas women, the excitement and anticipation that pregnancy brings can be blissful as they await the arrival of a child. When this dream is destroyed by the poor choices of another person, the emotional distress can be devastating. A recent car accident inflicted a physical injury to a woman that may cause the loss of her unborn child and leave emotional scars that may never heal. A Houston man was recently arrested for his involvement in a car accident that caused irreversible damages to another person.

The evening accident occurred when a sedan failed to come to a stop at a red light and attempted to drive through the intersection. Authorities believe that the man driving the sedan was intoxicated at the time. As his car entered the intersection, it collided with a moving sports utility vehicle in which the pregnant woman was a passenger.

The resulting impact broke the leg of the woman in the SUV. Paramedics transferred the woman to a nearby medical facility for treatment of her injuries, where she learned of the risk to her pregnancy. Reports indicate that the unborn baby will most likely not survive.

Authorities have charged the driver of the sedan with intoxicated assault for both the woman who was hurt and for the potentially-ended pregnancy. The grief and anger the Houston woman may feel from the car accident could be immeasurable. A victim who has been physically harmed and who loses an unborn child due to the actions of another party may seek help in pursuing justice and collecting restitution.

Source:, “Suspect arrested and charged in fatal traffic accident”, , July 7, 2014


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