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SUV accident on Texas highway has fatal consequences

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2014 | SUV Accidents

Texas highways often allow drivers to travel at high rates of speed with the expectation that motorists will abide by traffic laws and respect the right-of-way. When a driver fails to comply with roadway regulations and travels the wrong way on the highway, an SUV accident can occur, resulting in serious damages. A senior-aged woman and her young granddaughter recently lost their lives in a head-on SUV accident on a Texas highway.

The tragic crash occurred as an SUV allegedly traveled on the wrong side of the highway against the flow of traffic. Reports indicate that the SUV made its way along the road in the opposite direction while multiple witnesses called emergency workers to report the hazard. Police were dispatched; but, as they attempted to chase down the SUV, it smashed head-on into another car.

Authorities were not able to stop the fast-moving SUV in time and found the driver and her young granddaughter deceased as a result of the impact. The devastating accident sent the driver of the SUV to a local hospital for treatment. The accident is still under investigation as officials try to determine what may have caused or contributed to the crash.

Driving on the wrong side of the road in Texas can have devastating consequences for both the driver of the vehicle and others who may be on the road. A person who has lost multiple loved ones in an SUV accident may feel devastated as they work through the arrangements and responsibilities that accompany a death. Relatives of a victim may seek guidance in pursuing compensation for the irreversible damages that have been inflicted and to help with funeral expenses.

Source:, “2 dead in West Texas wrong-way wreck”, , July 14, 2014


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