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Texas woman suffered injury in bus accident

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2014 | Bus Accidents

The safe operation of a bus can be necessary to ensure the protection of those on board and others that may be on foot near bus stations and stops. When a victim is hurt in a bus accident, they may have feelings of confusion as they work through the pain of their ordeal. Recently, an elderly woman on foot in Texas was badly hurt in a bus accident after a bus driver had to make a wide turn into a station entrance.

A large metro bus was attempting to complete a right turn into the bus station when it collided with a pedestrian. The woman, who was crossing the street at the entrance, was thrown to the ground by the impact of the bus, and ran over. The bus damaged her right leg below the knee as it drove over her.

Reports indicate that the driver heard the woman screaming, at which point the bus was halted. He sent for help before he came out of the stopped bus and remained with the woman until paramedics arrived to assist with the accident and help the injured woman. The elderly victim was transported to a nearby medical facility, where she received severe trauma care for her foot.

After receiving care, the victim was transported by air flight to another hospital. The cost of hospital transport via emergency vehicles and helicopter can be extensive — in addition to surgeries and disability that may exist long-term. A victim in Texas who has suffered a devastating injury in a bus accident may choose to pursue compensation from the responsible party to help provide for mounting medical expenses.

Source:, “Woman struck by bus”, Matt McGovern, July 3, 2014


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