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High-speed SUV accident occurs on a Texas highway

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2014 | SUV Accidents

Texas highways can have relatively high speed limits posted, allowing drivers to travel quickly. However, when these speed limits are exceeded and vehicles are filled beyond safe capacity, the potential for a devastating SUV accident can increase. Recently, a fatal SUV accident took place on a highway with one of the highest permitted rates of speed in the country.

The single vehicle crash occurred on a hot afternoon as a sports utility vehicle full of six adults and five children traveled down the highway. The driver lost control of the moving vehicle after one of the tires exploded and went flat. The large SUV crashed and began to roll over, throwing eight of the occupants from the vehicle.

The remaining four people were lodged in the wreckage and had to be extracted by emergency crews. The driver of the vehicle and her adult sister lost their lives as a result of the crash. The remaining 10 victims were transported to a nearby medical facility and children’s hospital for the trauma they experienced.

Although the posted speed limit was 85 miles per hour on the highway where the accident occurred, authorities have not ruled out speeding as a contributing factor in the crash. A Texas family that has experienced the injury or death of a child or other family member in an SUV accident caused by another person may face expensive medical costs. In this case, those involved may question the liability of the driver in the crash and seek guidance on attempting to collect benefits or restitution from the estate of the deceased.

Source:, “Central Texas crash kills two, injures 10 from Dallas “, , Aug. 3, 2014


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