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Texas bus accident ends in fatality and injury

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2014 | Bus Accidents

Driving on Texas expressways allows many different kinds of vehicles to share the road and permits drivers to travel at high rates of speed. When a bus accident occurs while traveling quickly, it can have devastating consequences. A metro bus was recently involved in a bus accident with another vehicle, which resulted in the death of a passenger and the injury of others.

The late-afternoon accident occurred when a large bus smashed into the back of a pickup truck on a Texas expressway. Reports indicate that the fast-approaching bus rear-ended the truck as it began to slow for traffic near a previous accident. A witness claims to have seen the bus continue forward into the truck without braking or veering. The bus continued forward across the frontage road after hitting the pickup until it smashed into a business sign and outdoor merchandise, eventually coming to a stop.

The impact caused the truck to catch fire, killing a passenger inside. Emergency crews were able to remove and save the driver of the truck. Three occupants from other vehicles involved in the accident and the driver of the bus were transported to a nearby medical facility for treatment.

Authorities took blood from the bus driver to test for any influences that may have contributed to the cause of the accident. A Texas family that has lost a loved one in a devastating bus accident may have many questions as they make funeral and burial arrangements. Some people may choose to seek professional help in attempting to gain restitution for the damages that have been inflicted.

Source:, “1 dead in fiery Donna crash involving Valley Metro bus”, Lorenzo Zazueta-Castro, July 30, 2014


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