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Woman indicted for fatal SUV accident in Texas

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2014 | SUV Accidents

Losing multiple family members in an SUV accident can deeply impact loved ones who have been left behind. This difficult experience can be magnified when the crash was caused by the poor choices of another driver on the road. A woman was recently indicted for her involvement in an SUV accident that took the lives of a pregnant woman and her sister in Texas.

The accident occurred when the vehicle driven by the middle-aged woman reportedly collided with a sports utility vehicle on a local highway. Authorities believe that the woman was speeding at close to 120 miles per hour when the vehicles crashed. The impact claimed the life of two occupants in the SUV, one who was in her third trimester of pregnancy, which resulted in the death of her unborn child as well.

After the wreck, police say they recovered the controlled medication Xanax from the vehicle of the middle-aged woman, though it has not been proven if she may have been intoxicated at the time of the crash. The woman who was allegedly speeding was charged with manslaughter as well as aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The decision to indict the woman was made after a grand jury reviewed the case.

Choosing to drive at reckless speeds can place a driver and other people on the road in a dangerous situation. When this decision results in a fatal SUV accident, a person may face serious consequences for their actions. A Texas family who has lost loved ones may seek professional guidance in collecting restitution for damages after the responsible party has been determined.

Source:, “Woman indicted for manslaughter for deadly wreck”, , Aug. 22, 2014

Source:, “Woman indicted for manslaughter for deadly wreck”, , Aug. 22, 2014


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