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Fatal semi accident in Texas on Interstate 20

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2014 | Truck Accidents

Operating a semi or an 18-wheeler can require training and heightened alertness when sharing the highway with other large trucks and smaller vehicles. When a driver is not equipped or able to come to a quick stop or maneuver their rig properly, a catastrophic accident may result. A Texas Interstate was recently closed after a devastating semi crash claimed the lives of two people involved.

The tragic accident occurred when a semi truck and another large tractor trailer collided during the dark early morning hours. Reports note that one of the trucks smashed into the back end of the other as they traveled the same direction on the highway. Investigators have not detailed what may have caused the rear end collision.

The impact between the trucks caused the tractor trailer that hit the other to burst into flames. As a result of the accident and consuming fire, two people lost their lives. The extensive wreckage took almost 10 hours to completely remove from the Interstate and reopen the road.

Troopers from the Texas Department of Safety as well as local police were involved in the accident investigation. Although details regarding the placement and degree of wreckage were not specified, two victims lost their life in the crash. A person that has lost a loved one as a result of an accident involving a big rig may question the actions of the semi driver. Some people may choose to have a professional review the investigation and help prove liability while pursuing a claim for monetary damages resulting from a fatal crash.  

Source:, “I-20 back open after 18-wheelers crash in E. Texas, killing 2”, Sean Staggs, Sept. 19, 2014


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