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Houston car accident may be result of disregarding stop sign

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2014 | Car Accidents

Intersections that are equipped with stop signs exist to designate traffic patterns and protect Houston motorists as they travel the roadways. When a driver fails to adhere to traffic laws, he or she may create a dangerous situation that can lead to a car accident. A recent car accident that took the life of a man may have been caused when a driver did not stop at an intersection.

The collision occurred shortly before noon when a car going west purportedly failed to yield to traffic that had the right of way. Reports allege that the sedan did not halt at a stop sign as it approached the intersection of another road and continued into the path of two vehicles that were headed south. Reports do not detail how fast the three vehicles may have been traveling when they collided.

The sedan first slammed into a pickup truck and then hit a motorcycle as it drove through the cross section of the streets. The impact caused the truck to skid and rollover where it came to rest facing the opposite direction of traffic. The biker suffered extensive damage and lost his life as a result of the crash.

Although charges have not been filed against the driver of the sedan, the car accident remains under investigation as Houston authorities attempt to determine what may have happened to cause the crash. In the event that the driver of the sedan is found liable, he or she may face severe consequences. This family, or any family who has lost a loved one in a similar crash, may seek help in proving responsibility and obtaining restitution.

Source:, “HPD investigating fatal traffic accident in Kingwood”, John Brannen, Aug. 25, 2014


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