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Texas woman charged with DWI after vehicle rollover

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2014 | Vehicle Rollovers

The use of alcohol can limit a person’s reaction time and hinder their judgment, two factors that explain why it is illegal in Texas to operate a vehicle while intoxicated. A driver that makes the bad decision to drive after drinking alcohol may be placing innocent motorists at risk for an accident that results in a vehicle rollover. A woman was recently arrested and charged for her involvement in a vehicle rollover after another motorist was badly injured.

The devastating collision occurred on a Texas farm road after the potentially intoxicated woman made the decision to drive her SUV. Reports indicate that her vehicle and another car collided, requiring road closures due to the wreckage. It is not yet clear how the two cars struck one another or what may have caused the collision.

The serious impact of the crash between the two vehicles caused both to flip and come to a rest upside down. The driver of the car was taken by paramedics to a hospital near his residence for treatment of his injuries. The driver of the SUV was taken into police custody immediately following the accident.

Every year, thousands of Texas drivers suffer tragic accidents as the result of choices made by drunk drivers. Lawmakers have made this a serious criminal offense. Authorities charged the driver of the sports utility vehicle for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and driving while intoxicated. A victim that has been in a vehicle rollover caused by a person drinking and driving may seek guidance in pursuing justice in civil court against the party believed to have been negligent.

Source:, “Forney woman charged with DWI and aggravated assault for Sunday rollover accident“, Mathew Richards, Sept. 1, 2014


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