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Alleged drunk driver in Houston faces charges

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2014 | Car Accidents

Being involved in an accident with a drunk driver can have serious consequences for those in the other vehicle. The inability to make good decisions and maintain appropriate reaction times can heighten an intoxicated person’s risk for being in a wreck. An apparent drunk driver accident in Houston recently injured an officer and took the life of a passenger after a motorist drove in the wrong direction on a local road.

The early morning crash occurred while it was still very dark outside and few people may have been on the road. A man driving a small sedan was reportedly driving his vehicle on the wrong side of the road when it collided with a police vehicle. The patrol car was traveling on the correct side of traffic when the sedan smashed into it head-on.

The on-duty officer suffered serious injuries as a result of the impact, including broken bones in his leg and other injuries that required he be taken by helicopter to a local hospital for trauma treatment. The driver of the sedan was also airlifted to a nearby medical facility, though his passenger tragically passed away as a result of the impact. Reports indicate that the extensive wreckage required lengthy roadway clean-up to clear the road after the devastating crash.

Authorities have charged the wrong-way Houston driver with assault of a public servant and intoxication manslaughter for his involvement in the car accident. The family of the deceased passenger may seek help proving liability and attempting to collect restitution on behalf of their loved one. A person that has lost someone as a result of the choices made by an alleged drunk driver may also seek professional guidance as they pursue justice. While the police officer is likely covered by workers’ compensation benefits, he has a separate right to sue third parties outside of his employment based upon evidence of their negligence.

Source:, “Woman dies, deputy hurt in wrong-way crash in west Harris Co.“, Dale Lezon, Oct. 10, 2014


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