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Vehicle rollover in Texas injures many, kills driver

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2014 | Vehicle Rollovers

Being involved in a vehicle rollover on a Texas road can have serious or fatal consequences. The injuries that are inflicted may require extensive treatment, lengthy recovery and permanent disability that can cost a victim thousands of dollars. A recent crash that resulted in a vehicle rollover harmed multiple people and took the life of one of the motorists involved.

Many Texas farm roads allow high speeds on small two lane thoroughfares, making it imperative for drivers to remain in their lane as they travel. The recent afternoon crash took place in front of a Texas high school on a local farm road when a small sedan swerved out of its lane. As the car moved into the opposite lane of traffic, it collided with an oncoming sports utility vehicle.

The two vehicles smashed into each other, causing a rollover to occur. The jarring front end impact instantly took the life of the person driving the small sedan and injured the two children riding as passengers. The person driving the sports utility vehicle became lodged in their vehicle, requiring extensive rescue by the emergency response team. That individual was transported by helicopter to a nearby medical facility for trauma treatment.

Reports indicate that officials continue to investigate the accident in an attempt to understand exactly what happened and what factors contributed to the tragic wreck. The SUV driver that suffered entrapment and serious injuries may require physical and mental recovery after their ordeal. The injured Texas driver in this vehicle rollover accident may choose to pursue claims for monetary relief, based upon evidence of driver negligence, against the deceased driver’s estate. 

Source:, “One killed, three injured in rollover accident near Sanger HS”, Oct. 20, 2014


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