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Houston car accident throws woman off highway

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2014 | Car Accidents

When a car breaks down on the highway and blocks a lane of traffic, other drivers on the road may need to exercise increased caution as they approach the stopped vehicle, in order to avoid a car accident. An unexpected car accident in Houston tragically killed a woman after her stalled vehicle was hit by an oncoming motorist. The victim had experienced car trouble, causing her sport utility vehicle to stop on an elevated local highway.

The woman exited her vehicle and proceeded to lift the hood to investigate her engine in a likely attempt to understand or correct the problem. She and her car were stranded in a moving lane of the road, blocking the oncoming flow of vehicles. During this time, a fast-approaching vehicle swerved to maneuver around the stalled car, avoiding a collision.

Unfortunately a luxury car traveling behind the first vehicle did not have visibility of the road block and did not have time to avoid a crash. The luxury car smashed into the back of the SUV, which shoved it into the unprotected woman. This threw the woman over the wall of the highway where she fell into the freeway embankment.

The impact took the woman’s life and caused minor physical injury to the driver of the luxury car. Stopping to examine a broken vehicle on a Houston freeway can place a person at risk for being in a car accident, especially when other motorists are not aware of the situation. A family that has lost a loved one after being hit on the road may seek to prove liability as they pursue restitution with the help of a professional.

Source:, “Woman falls to her death off West Loop overpass after crash”, Courtney Zavala and Taylor Gibson, Nov. 12, 2014


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