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Houston owner sentenced for fatal bus accident

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2014 | Bus Accidents

When a bus accident results from the negligent choices of the business owner, victims and their families may feel anger as they recover and grieve for their loss. A Houston man charged for his involvement in a fatal bus accident was recently sentenced after he reached a plea agreement with federal prosecutors. The judge presiding over the case approved a plea deal with the Houston bus owner, limiting his sentence to probation for three years and avoiding any time behind bars.

The tragic accident took place in 2008 when the one of the buses owned and operated by the Houston man crashed while carrying multiple people to a retreat. A large bus that is not controlled at high speeds can cause devastating injuries to passengers. The bus lost control and flew off a bridge on a Texas highway, killing 17 of its passengers and causing injury to 38 additional people on board.

An investigation conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board found that the tire on the right axle had been retreaded and was punctured by something. The tire was additionally attached to the axle illegally, and the bus had failed an inspection. As such, it was not lawful to operate the vehicle. Choosing to disregard vehicle operation standards can place passengers at great risk for harm as well as others that may be on the road.

Family members and loved ones of the deceased have expressed their anger regarding the light sentencing that the owner of the Houston bus company received. Reports do not indicate if any civil litigation is pending against the company with regard to the fatal bus accident. A family that has suffered the loss of a loved one may seek guidance as they consider a plan of action against the person they believe should be held financially responsible for a fatal accident.

Source:, “Houston Bus Company Owner Gets Probation for Fatal Crash in 2008“, Juan A. Lozano, Oct. 30, 2014


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