A Thursday morning collision in Texas caused two southbound lanes of Interstate 45 to close. The SUV rollover wreck involved a woman operating the SUV and a man hauling a boat on a trailer behind his truck. Two small dogs, riding in the woman’s vehicle, were unharmed. According to police, the driver of the truck was issued a citation for making an unsafe and illegal lane change.

The SUV driver tried to steer in such a way so as to avoid the collision. In the process, she was unable to maintain control of her vehicle. It flipped over and ended up lying on its passenger side in the far left-hand lane of the roadway. The woman was taken to an area medical center. Reportedly, her injuries were not critical.

A local animal control unit was called to the scene to pick up the two dogs. A tow truck removed the damaged vehicle from the road. Lanes were reopened an hour and a half later.

The initial evidence suggests the woman in this SUV rollover crash was injured due to the apparent negligent actions of another driver. In Texas, a person involved in this type of crash has a right to file a personal injury claim in a court of law.  An experienced personal injury attorney can assist in pursuing financial relief based upon the damages sustained. To prevail, it will be necessary to document by appropriate evidence that the other driver acted negligently in a manner that caused or materially contributed to the accident and injuries that resulted. Compensation, if awarded, can help offset ongoing medical bills and other losses incurred in the recovery process.

Source: galvestondailynews.com, “Rollover snarls traffic on Gulf Freeway near Texas City“, T.J. Aulds, Dec.11, 2014