Sending children to school is a common daily occurrence all across America. Many parents drive their children to their destinations. However, some rely on others to transport their children for them. Recently, some Texas parents were shocked to learn that their children were involved in a school bus accident. They were likely even more shocked when they learned that the vehicle in which their children were being transported was uninsured and had not recently passed inspection. 

This was the unfortunate situation in which the families of 13 students from a Texas charter school recently found themselves. Police reports state that the uninsured bus caused an early morning crash. Another vehicle, which was merging onto the interstate, was hit in the front end when the bus’s steering wheel became locked. 

An elderly woman was a passenger in the merging automobile. Her daughter was driving and both sustained minor injuries in the crash. Fortunately, none of the 13 students on the bus suffered serious injuries in the collision.

All Texas schools, public, private or charter must operate under the same safety regulations according to state law. Needless to say, having an official school vehicle involved in a wreck without proper insurance or valid inspection is of grave concern to all involved. When parents put their children’s lives into the hands of school officials, it is natural for them to assume that all state regulations have been followed.

Being in a collision with a vehicle that is uninsured can cause various complicated issues to arise. Having the sound advice of a professional legal team is a valuable resource for people who wish to seek compensation by pursuing litigation. Though the passengers in the recent bus accident suffered non-life-threatening injuries, they still have the right to pursue compensation for the injuries they did sustain. 

Source:, “Charter school bus that caused wreck had no insurance or valid inspection”, Dillon Collier, Dec.9, 2014