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Vehicle rollover in Texas injures multiple children

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2014 | Vehicle Rollovers

A recent vehicle rollover in Texas, involving only one automobile, injured a total of 10 children, one of whom succumbed to her injuries. The families of the injured children may face extensive medical expenses and emotional stress as they attempt to understand the tragedy that took place. Authorities indicate that the adult driver may face criminal charges for her involvement in the tragic vehicle rollover.

The mid-afternoon accident took place as a woman driving an SUV overfilled with children unexpectedly lost control. Reports indicate that a total of 12 children were loaded into the vehicle, and none were wearing seat belts. For an unknown reason, the driver lost the ability to control the SUV and began to skid. They believe that when the driver attempted to redirect the vehicle she overcorrected, resulting in the rollover.

The impact injured 10 of the 12 children inside of the vehicle. The children were transported by emergency crews to various local hospitals. Sadly, a 9-year-old girl passed away after arriving at the hospital. The driver also suffered injuries, while two of the children escaped the accident without any injuries.

Investigators continue to review the tragic accident and are trying to understand why the woman had so many children in her vehicle, where exactly they were headed and why. A Texas parent that receives the upsetting news that his or her child was hurt in a vehicle rollover caused by another person’s negligence may feel a myriad of emotions. A parent in that situation may look to a professional for help reviewing the incident in hopes of proving the negligence during a case resulting from the filing of a personal injury claim.

Source:, “One child dead, nine others injured in rollover accident”, Nov. 26, 2014


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