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Vehicle rollover in Texas kills 5 and injures others

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2015 | Vehicle Rollovers

Growing populations and increases in industry production might make for a better economy, but they do not always make for safer road conditions. A recent vehicle rollover near a Texas oil field has caused comments from some regarding the increased presence of oil tankers on the roads. One emergency room physician recently said that those sharing the road with the fuel trucks are putting their lives at risk.

A devastating tragedy occurred in mid-January after an oil tanker and a van full of workmen collided. It was 7 a.m. on US Route 83 when the huge truck is alleged to have swerved to avoid a collision with a small pickup truck. The tanker truck went into a roll, which reportedly caused two vehicles to hit it. It then burst into a massive ball of fire.

Five oil field workers who were riding in the van were killed in the crash, and three others suffered injuries. One man, in critical condition, survived after suffering burns on more than 80 percent of his body. The accident is under investigation and has prompted some to say that crashes of this nature have increased since the region has experienced a boom in the oil business. Some even placed the blame on the workers’ long hours, as several accidents have been blamed on workers falling asleep behind the wheel after working as long as a 20-hour shift.

Whether the investigation will find that the vehicle rollover led it to collide with the van remains to be seen. When someone loses a family member to a fatal accident in Texas, or if a person suffers injury in a crash, there are often financial burdens resulting from the accident which can bring undue stress. State law permits a civil claim to be filed under such circumstances in order to seek compensation that, if awarded, could possibly help alleviate financial burdens and personal losses.

Source:, “Five die after crash in south Texas oil field“, Katie Valentine, Jan. 16, 2015


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