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Fatal accident in Texas results in charges against driver

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2015 | Wrongful Death

Operating a motor vehicle comes with serious responsibilities. A driver must be calm, focused and cautious if  roadways are to be kept safe. In a recent fatal accident in Texas, authorities allege that one driver’s anger led to distracted driving, resulting in a passenger’s death.

The incident occurred in late December on an Interstate 45 bridge. Reports indicate that the driver of a pickup truck lost control of his vehicle and plunged off the bridge, crashing onto the highway below. The truck was upside down when it landed. A 22-year-old male passenger was killed in the accident. Another passenger and the driver suffered head injuries and were airlifted to a medical center.

Police claim that the driver was distracted by an argument, which caused him to allow his vehicle to spin out of control. It was reported that he is currently being held without bond in a county jail because he was in violation of probation for a past burglary charge. The 23-year-old driver will face new charges in connection with the passenger’s death in the recent accident.

When reckless or distracted driving results in a fatal accident, Texas law allows a wrongful death claim to be filed in a civil court. Families who have lost loved ones to accidents in which they believe negligence is to blame have the option to pursue compensation for their losses in court. When a family chooses to pursue compensation, they often benefit from the guidance of a legal professional experienced in handling wrongful death claims.

Source:, “Driver Involved In Deadly Interstate Rollover Faces Charges”, Jan. 29, 2015


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