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Insurance report states accidents on the rise in Texas work zones

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2015 | Car Accidents

A Texas Department of Transportation executive director recently warned the public that motorists are at risk when driving through work zones throughout the state. Out of all 50 states, Texas ranks highest in fatalities occurring in work zone accidents involving motor vehicles. In 2014, over 140 deaths were recorded as having resulted from crashes in work zones.

Though many assume that roadside workers are at greatest risk in such incidents, statistics show that over 85 percent of the fatalities that occurred in work zone accidents in 2014 were suffered by motorists, not workers. The TxDOT director said that both motor vehicle operators and roadside workers need to conduct themselves with caution and awareness in work zones so as to maintain the highest possible level of safe working conditions and safe travel for all. According to data, the number of work zone accidents has increased by 12 percent since 2013.

The transportation department reported that approximately 400,000 people per year emigrate to Texas, placing higher numbers of vehicles on the road. By comparison, Oklahoma records listed 10 deaths last year in work zone crashes, a significantly lower number than those reported in Texas. Statistics of work zone fatalities in other states are much lower, as well.

Failure to adjust speed and driver negligence are cited as two of the apparent main causes of work zone accidents. Texas residents who are injured under such circumstances may file a personal injury claim in court when another person or group of persons is at fault. Legal professionals with experience in motor vehicle accident cases would be able to advise anyone who wishes to pursue legal action in order to seek compensation for damages suffered in an accident.

Source:, “Texas Leads the Way in Work Zone Crashes, Fatalities“, March 24, 2015


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