A district attorney addressed a community gathering recently, discussing the issue of alcohol- and drug-related accidents in the state. According to the speaker, 25 percent of accident-related fatalities in the Texas county involve drugs and/or alcohol. He said that he is used to being known as the drunk driver attorney and that he welcomes the title.

The state representative also offered some encouraging news, reporting that there has been a 75 percent decrease in cases involving intoxicated manslaughter in the area over the past few years. This, he said, is partially due to a new strategy implemented in the county. Police reports are carefully scrutinized, and officers are placed on guard in locations where there is a high rate of fatalities. The time of day of such incidents is also taken into consideration, and police are assigned accordingly.

The county has also placed nurses, judges and other authorities at strategic locations so that warrants may be issued quickly and blood tests administered on site should a person refuse a Breathalyzer test after being pulled over. Reports indicate that there were at least 1,439 first-time DWI cases in the area in 2013. The community representatives hope that public seminars such as this one will go a long way in keeping residents safe.

It can not be denied, however, that even with community programs that are meant to educate and prevent residents from driving drunk, many residents continue to be injured and/or killed each year because of impaired drivers. Texas law protects those who are victims of drunk driving by allowing them to file personal injury claims in court. Similarly, immediate family members who have lost a loved one due the reckless actions of a drunk driver have a right to file a wrongful death suit in order to seek compensation for their loss.

Source: yourhoustonnews.com, “DA warns of dangers of drunk driving at Watch Talk speaker series“, Bridget Balch, March 1, 2015