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Texas bus accident results in fatalities

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2015 | Bus Accidents

Shortly after noon on a recent Wednesday, a chain reaction vehicular collision occurred on a Texas highway. The bus accident involved a Mexican bus line that was reportedly traveling to another state. Other vehicles were also involved in the crash; many travelers were injured, and two people did not survive.

According to highway authorities, the bus was traveling in the eastbound lane of Interstate 10. Reports indicate that was construction going on in the area and traffic had slowed. The bus is said to have crashed into the back end of a flat trailer. Sadly, the bus driver and one of the passengers on the bus were killed in the collision.

Upon hitting the trailer, the bus seems to have caused a chain reaction collision with several other vehicles. One woman said that her vehicle went into a spin, and she survived by ducking her head underneath her arms until the car came to a rest. The vehicle was crushed but the woman was not injured. It was reported that 10 others suffered injuries in the crash.

When a person is injured in a Texas bus accident at the fault of the commercial bus driver and/or another party, he or she may file a legal claim in a civil court. Through filing a claim, a victim can seek compensation for any damages he or she might have incurred during or in the aftermath of a crash. Damages might include pain and suffering, loss of wages or medical bills from emergency or ongoing medical treatment of injuries.

Source: ABC News, “2 Dead, 10 Hurt in Texas Crash Involving Bus, Truck Trailer”, June 3, 2015


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