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Truck accident results in death of roadside worker in Texas

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2015 | Truck Accidents

Texas maintenance crews who work alongside moving traffic face a certain amount of personal risk and danger on the job. However, each worker has the right to reasonably assume that motorists will operate their vehicles according to traffic laws and with focus on caution and safety at all times. Unfortunately, roadside workers are sometimes injured or, as in a recent tragic case, killed when a motorist is negligent or reckless. The recent truck accident occurred at the edge of Highway 146.

At the time of the accident, a 20-year-old maintenance worker was carrying out his duties by mowing an easement beyond the shoulder of the highway. Reports given in the aftermath of the accident state that the separation of the road and the grassy area are clearly defined with a line, then a ditch that was filled with water. It appears that an 18-wheeler drove straight through the ditch and struck the young man as he was mowing the grass.

Sadly, the worker was killed upon impact. Witnesses to the tragedy say that, at first, they thought the huge truck was going to make a right-hand turn on the road. No one knows why the driver drove through the ditch and into the easement. The person behind the wheel of the truck was a 55-year-old man who did not seem to have suffered any sort of impairment leading up to the accident.

Texas authorities are still conducting an investigation. The worker’s employer has declined to comment publicly. When a young person suffers an untimely death in a truck accident or other motor vehicle tragedy, family members and friends are faced with shock and immense grief. While pursuing legal action against the party believed to have been at fault cannot replace the life of a loved one, it might comfort those involved in such circumstances to know that they have the right to file a legal claim on behalf of the decedent in order to seek compensation for the tremendous damages suffered. Moreover, as the worker was killed on the job, the surviving family is likely entitled to workers’ compensation death benefits as well.

Source: ABC 13, “Worker trimming with weed-eater struck, killed by 18-wheeler“, June 30, 2015


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