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Texas accidents sometimes lead to courtroom litigation

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2015 | Car Accidents

In March of this year, an accident occurred in Texas that reportedly left one man permanently disabled. It has been reported that the man has now filed a lawsuit in a Jefferson County district court against those he deems responsible in the incident. The suit apparently names the driver, as well as the another person who owns the vehicle involved, as defendants in the case. Accidents of this nature sometimes result in a victim’s need for long-term medical care or supervision during his or her extended recovery.

In the recently filed lawsuit, claims have been asserted that suggest that the driver of the vehicle involved in the collision was negligent in the operation of the motor vehicle. The man injured in the crash has claimed that the driver was traveling at an excessive and reckless rate of speed when he failed to turn the vehicle in order to avert a crash. The owner of the vehicle, who was not in it at the time, has also been claimed negligent because the injured victim has alleged that he knew the man to whom he entrusted his vehicle was an incompetent and careless driver.

The man filing the legal claim has requested a trial by jury. His lawsuit seeks compensation for damages sustained. He has included medical expenses and loss of potential earnings, both of which are expected for the remainder of his life, among the damages for which he seeks retribution.

Texas accidents caused by negligence sometimes lead to similar litigation when an injured party chooses to seek liability against the person or persons deemed at fault. Many times, a person considering filing a legal claim discusses the details of his or her case with an experienced attorney. This allows a legal professional to investigate the events leading up to an accident in order to help him or her determine what might be the best way to proceed.

Source:, “Man names two Houston men in accident lawsuit“, Emily Moore, July 23, 2015


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