An entire community gathered together on a recent Sunday evening to mourn and to honor the lives of three young people who were killed in a tragic car crash. The fatal accident involved three vehicles, one of which was reportedly traveling the wrong-way in traffic. The three teens who died in the Texas collision were honored in their home state.

All three teenagers who were killed in the recent crash came from the same town. Two of the young men who died were 19 and a girl who also died was 18. All had graduated high school together in 2014. A local church held the recent vigil in their honor.

The three — who resided in Virginia — were traveling in a sport utility vehicle in Hunt County when another vehicle, apparently heading the wrong direction on Interstate 30, crashed into their vehicle. It was reported that immediately following the first collision, both vehicles were then hit by a tractor trailer. Two other teens who were passengers in the SUV survived the accident and were taken to a nearby hospital for emergency care.

The driver who was reportedly traveling the wrong way also died in the fatal accident. Some have set up a fund in order to collect donations to help the families of the deceased teens with expenses. The state of Texas, however, allows anyone injured in an accident to file a legal claim in order to seek compensation for damages. Immediate family members may act on behalf of a decedent. Further, if the party deemed responsible did not survive an accident, legal action can still be taken against his or her estate.

Source: NBC Washington, “Vigil Held for 3 Virginia Teens Killed in Texas Crash“, Aug. 10, 2015