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Tragic Texas single-car crash results in multiple deaths

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2015 | Car Accidents

Police say that a car involved in a recent tragic accident in Texas must have been traveling at outrageously high speeds because it careened straight through a concrete median wall. The crash involved a single vehicle that was carrying four occupants at the time. Police say that calls started coming shortly before 5 a.m. on a recent Sunday morning that led them to respond to the scene.

Authorities say that callers reported having witnessed a vehicle driving straight off an overpass. It had apparently crashed through a median, then went off the edge. Astoundingly, the car is said to have remained airborne for more than 100 feet before it collided into a building.

Sadly, all four occupants in the car were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. A representative of the Austin Fire Department stated that when crews arrived on-site, the vehicle was engulfed in flames. The northbound lane of the road was closed to motorists for hours in the aftermath of the accident. Area businesses also reported power outages due to the collision.

Both police and fire departments are continuing to investigate the crash in order to determine its cause. When families are struck with the sudden grief of unexpected deaths of loved ones, it is difficult to determine where to turn for help. In Texas, immediate family members who survive the loss of a loved one in a fatal car accident are able to seek compensation for damages on behalf of the deceased. If the person deemed responsible for the accident has not survived, a legal claim may still be filed against his or her estate.

Source:, “4 dead after fiery crash in N. Austin”, Aug. 31, 2015


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