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Texas police chase, crash, results in multiple deaths and injury

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2015 | Car Accidents

An alleged traffic violation in Texas ended in a police chase that resulted in a horrific tragedy on a recent Thursday morning. The crash took the lives of six people and caused injuries to many others. Police say that the initial chase ensued because a driver, whom they had attempted to pull over for an unspecified traffic violation, refused to stop.

As the police chased the sports utility vehicle, both vehicles reportedly sped up and down the small-town roads of Highway 59. The driver of the vehicle being chased is said to have attempted to exit the road off Loop 521. The vehicle went into a roll and multiple occupants were ejected from the SUV. A responding officer stated that the back seats of the vehicle had been folded and removed so as to fit additional people inside. The department of Homeland Security has initiated an investigation into the incident as to whether those present might somehow have been involved in the trafficking of undocumented persons.

Sadly, six people died as a result of the horrific accident. Ten others were reported with injuries. A dashboard camera in the police car reportedly captured the entire incident on video.

When a crash in Texas is caused by another person’s negligence, an injured victim has the right to pursue legal action against the party deemed responsible in the accident. Immediate family members of deceased victims may act on behalf of their loved ones in court. An experienced personal injury lawyer would be able to help those who have questions or concerns about the process of filing a legal claim in court. A first logical step to take would be to contact an attorney in the area to schedule a consultation.

Source:, “6 killed after chase ends in crash near Edna”, Sept. 24, 2015


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