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Accidents due to distracted driving on the rise in Texas

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2015 | Car Accidents

Texas motorists are aware that a certain amount of risk exists when someone gets behind the wheel to operate a motor vehicle. Each driver’s actions affect the safety of all those sharing the road. Sometimes, it seems that an accident has occurred that simply could not have been avoided. Other situations involve accidents that were entirely preventable were it not for distracted driving.

A photograph was recently posted on the Internet that seems to show a man operating his hand-held cell phone while driving. Apparently, the motorist is not the only one doing such things as one report suggests that well over 38,000 car accidents have occurred in San Antonio this year, many of which were reportedly caused by distracted drivers. Some law enforcement agents have stated that nearly half of all crashes in the area are due to excessive driving speeds and distracted drivers. 

Drunk driving and traveling the wrong way on roadways also seem to be leading factors in many motor vehicle accidents. Records show that accident rates in the San Antonio region have steadily increased by 3,000 per year since 2011. Nearly 130 fatalities associated with car crashes have occurred in the area in 2015.

Accidents caused by distracted driving often lead to serious injuries for innocent victims. Many such collisions result in the need for long-term medical care and daily living assistance when catastrophic injuries have been suffered. Surviving victims may be completely unprepared to pay the exorbitant costs of such care. Anyone injured under similar circumstances in Texas may seek financial reprieve by filing a personal injury claim against the motorist believed to have been at fault in a collision.

Source:, “Distracted driving still a problem in S.A.“, Dec. 28, 2015


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