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Crash leaves school community grieving in Texas

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2015 | Car Accidents

Thousands of motorists share Texas roadways each day on their ways to work. The safety of all depends upon each driver acting with caution behind the wheel and adhering to traffic regulations while driving. Even a momentary lapse in judgment or a single act of negligence can result in a tragic crash that causes severe injury or death to those involved.

A school community has been left grief-stricken after a recent incident that took the life of one of its teachers. Regarded as a beloved member of the school faculty since 1991, teachers and students were saddened to hear that she had not survived a collision with another vehicle. The head-on crash occurred on a recent Thursday morning as the much-loved instructor was on her way to school.

The other vehicle carried a young child, who appears to have remained uninjured in the collision. The driver was taken to the hospital with potentially serious injuries. No information has yet been provided as to the direct cause of the tragic accident.

In similar situations in Texas, it has sometimes been determined that one or the other driver in a two-car collision has been responsible for a crash that resulted in the death of an innocent victim. This has often led to legal claims being filed in civil court by surviving family members acting on behalf of a deceased victim. Compensation awarded in a successfully litigated claim can help grieving families alleviate some of the exorbitant costs often associated with a head-on collision.

Source:, “Lake Travis ISD: Teacher was victim in Texas 71 fatal crash”, Dec. 3, 2015


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