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Teen victim of fatal accident in Texas

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2016 | Wrongful Death

Young drivers often encounter situations on the road that they seem ill-equipped to address. At a moment’s notice, an uneventful drive can turn to an urgent situation that may result in tragedy. Such seems to have been the case in a recent fatal accident in Texas that claimed the life of a 14-year-old boy.

Apparently, two vehicles were involved in the recent collision that took one life and sent another young girl to the hospital with catastrophic injuries. The drivers of both vehicles, each 16 years old, escaped the crash without injury. Reportedly, one of the vehicles was following the other when the lead car attempted to make a left-hand turn onto private land.

The pickup truck traveling behind was allegedly going too fast to adjust to the other vehicle’s deceleration before the turn. Though the rear driver appears to have attempted a maneuver to avoid a collision, he was unable to do so and smashed into the front car. He then lost control of steering, and his two passengers were ejected from the vehicle.

The 14-year-old boy initially survived his injuries and was transported to a local hospital for emergency care, but he later died. Although the girl survived, she has been reported as having suffered incapacitating injuries. An investigation remains ongoing at this time.

A family who suffers the untimely death of a young person in a fatal accident is often met with unfathomable grief and sorrow. When the accident is deemed to have been caused by another driver’s negligence, it is understandable that  family members would seek justice on behalf of their loved one. In Texas and all other states, such situations warrant the filing of wrongful death claims in civil court. A parent or legal guardian may act with authority to file a claim in circumstances where a surviving victim is of minor age.

Source:, “Fatal accident claims life of Sonora teen”, Feb. 1, 2016


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