It is important for all drivers to pay close attention to the road when navigating busy highways. Young motorists often underestimate the potential risks involved with distracted driving. A momentary lapse in judgment often leads to tragedy. This seems to have been the case in a recent fatal accident in Texas.

A group of teenage girls were apparently traveling together on their way home from a spring break vacation. The young lady who was driving was also reportedly using the GPS on her cell phone to navigate their route. Witnesses say that the car suddenly began to drift to the left.

At that point, the driver allegedly over-corrected her steering when attempting to get back on the road. In doing so, she sent the vehicle into the oncoming traffic lane. The car crashed into a tractor-trailer. A friend who was traveling a few cars behind the young ladies said he heard a horrific boom and soon realized that it was his friends who had wrecked.

Three of the Texas girls died as a result of their injuries in the tragic crash. The driver was transported to a hospital in stable condition. When a family suffers the untimely death of a loved one in a fatal accident that was caused by driver negligence, an immediate family member may act on the decedent’s behalf to seek compensation for damages in court. This, of course, cannot replace the loss of a human life, but it can help meet the substantial expenses often associated with a serious accident.

Source:, “Vigil held for teens killed in distracted driving crash”, Drew Karedes, Melissa Correa, Marcelino Benito, March 21, 2016