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Increased connectivity in trucking and hacking concerns

On Behalf of | May 20, 2016 | Truck Accidents

With the developments that have occurred in internet and digital technologies, increased connectivity is something that has been occurring in all sorts of different contexts and industries. This includes the trucking industry.

One way connectivity is present in the trucking industry is through telematics units aboard trucks. Such units have been in use for awhile now, but in recent times such units have grown increasingly complex in what they can do. Their use in trucking is expected to grow significantly. One estimate predicts a doubling of the number of truck telematics units used in North America occurring between 2013 and 2018.

Another recent trend in increased connectivity in the truck industry is a big growth in the number of connected devices and gadgets available for commercial trucks.

Connectivity is expected to continue to become increasingly present in the trucking industry. It has been predicted that the market for connected truck technologies will well over double in the period between 2014 and 2020.

New technologies in trucking can have the potential to raise traffic safety concerns, and increased truck connectivity is no exception to this. One type of safety concern increased truck connectivity can raise are concerns regarding hacking.

One of the downsides to trucks becoming more connected through wireless connections and the internet is that such increased connectivity could up the number of potential access points a hacker could have into a truck’s systems and increase the number of truck systems a hacker could potentially access. While, thus far, there haven’t been any recorded instances of a real world hacking of a long haul truck, one could see how big of an accident risk it could be if a truck were hacked. So, one hopes that as truck connectivity continues to grow in prevalence, proper cybersecurity measures are taken regarding connected truck systems.

In addition to new safety concerns, another thing new trucking technologies can raise are new legal issues, such as unique liability issues related to traffic accidents which occurred involving the new technology. One wonders if the increased connectivity of trucking will lead to such new legal issues.

Whether dealing with new legal issues or more established legal issues in relation to a truck accident, it can be very important for a truck crash victim to have a skilled truck accident attorney’s advice and guidance.

Source:, “Long-Haul Trucking Connectivity Brings Hacking Risks,” Chris O’Brien, May 17, 2016


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